Breaking Bread For 7.13.22

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They also failed to show any loyalty to the family of Jerub-Baal (that is, Gideon) in spite of all the good things he had done for them. 

Judges 8:35


Gideon did a lot of great things for the Israelites, but soon after he passed away, they stopped showing his family any loyalty, and they slid back to their old ways of thinking and living. They began worshipping another god, dismissing and forgetting the God that rescued them repeatedly.

That’s what backsliders do. Something changes in their life; rather than look at that setback or disappointment as something to learn from and then move forward, they sacrifice the entire landscape instead. It’s like destroying an entire house because one window broke or one door fell off the hinges.

The Israelites showed their character, lack of loyalty, unwillingness to be faithful, and faded gratitude. This is another example of conditional love.

We will always be dealt a lousy hand of cards in life. We can’t always get the winning hand. Stuff happens. It’s how we deal with the loss, with the stuff, that speaks volumes about us and how we see our relationship with God. Our character isn’t just defined in the good seasons. It’s also tested and defined in the rough seasons. We aren’t supposed to be faithful to God because of a particular place, person, or object that we associate with Him. We’re supposed to be faithful to Him because He’s never stopped being faithful to us. We’re to always remember Him because He’s always remembered us. We’re to love Him because every single day He shows His love for us. He loved us before we knew life.

When you get clobbered or feel worn down, that’s the time to ramp up your praise for Him. Praise Him through the storm. Praise Him through the heartbreak.

Pray for discernment. Pray for the truth. Pray for strength. Pray for wisdom. Pray for peace. Pray for freedom from the grips of fear and pain. Then let go and let God.


Father, I praise You, first and foremost because of Who You are and because You are All-in-All. I am me because of You. No human, object, or place defines or encompasses what I have with You. There are no substitutes, only counterfeits. What I have with You is special and I hope that I never diminish the value of our relationship through my speech or actions. There are no other gods, beings, or energies that I want to be aligned with. I just want You.

I thank You for blessing me with examples of great servant-leaders, ambassadors, and followers to learn about and learn from. I thank You for each person You bring in my life, whether for a season or a lifetime, I know there is always a reason. Thank You for loving and caring for me. I love You always.



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