Breaking Bread For 7.24.22

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Seek Him

Today’s message comes from Day 130, my book Seek Him, Volume 2: Going Beyond Your Spiritual Comfort Zone.


Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem? 

—Isaiah 2:22 NIV


Our relationship with God is our very own. We do not need man to bring us closer, to analyze the depth and longevity of our relationship with Him. We do not need man to speak to God on our behalf— we can speak to God anytime we choose. We just need to make the time to talk and connect. He’s always waiting, watching, and listening. He is our provider. When our bills need to be paid, it is God that provides. When we are sick, it is God that heals us. When we are lonely, God is our comforter. When the enemy attacks, God is our shield. Turn to Him and learn to rely on Him as your Source for all. Just as Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and others did. Look at how they proved their commitment to their relationship with God. They honored the covenant they had with God. Are you half-committed in your relationship with Him? Are you partially in this? Or are you 100 percent invested in it?


Father, I put my trust in You. I trust You to provide me with my needs, to see me through circumstances, and to show me the answers to my problems. Even if the answers don’t arrive when I want them, I trust You. I will stop relying solely on man. I realize that although You may send a human messenger, servant, guide, or companion—they are not my source for life, truth, love, peace, joy, and healing. Only through You are these things made possible. Thank You for being my spiritual Father and Mother, my all in all. Thank You for loving me. Amen.


When I See Myself I See…

When I Think About Myself I Think Of…

I Feel…

I Want To Improve My…

I Fear…

I Want to Overcome This Fear Because…

I Will Show My Support Of God Today By…

Today, I Tell The Enemy…

I Am…

I Thank God For…


It’s time to Go Deeper. Turn to today’s lesson in Seek Him: Workbook 2

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