Breaking Bread For 8.29.22

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Seek Him

Today’s message comes from Day 109 in my book, Seek Him, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone. The theme is “Smile.” It has been reformatted to align with this blog.


But I will sing of Your strength and will joyfully proclaim Your faithful love in the morning. For You have been a stronghold for me, a refuge in my day of trouble. To You, my strength, I sing praises, because God is my stronghold — my faithful God.

—Psalms 59:16-17 HCSB


Kirk Franklin said it best in his song, “Smile.” No matter what he went through or goes through, he’s going to smile — out of gratitude. He’s going to smile through the pain, loss, and frustration. Through disappointment, betrayal, failure, and more. He’s going to smile, smile, smile. I love that song because it reminds me of how awesome God is and all that Jesus endured and sacrificed. That I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And that life isn’t supposed to be easy — it’s difficult and requires work, servitude, and sacrifice.

Each day that we open our eyes, we are blessed to experience something new and different than the day before. We have an opportunity to step outside of our comfort zones and be better servants and stewards. Each day we’re given the chance to right our wrongs and be a blessing to others. We can also gain more wisdom through our learned lessons. Isn’t that amazing? That should encourage us to sing, praise, dance, and express our love and appreciation for God. If you believe, then speak it and share it with others.


No matter what I go through, lose or gain, or what others say, You will always be my God. And I will always believe that Jesus is my savior. I will pray to and praise You during storms and not just sunny days. I will continue to thank You even in my lowest of hours. Because I’m grateful for life and for the experiences, I have had so far. I’m grateful for the love received by You. And the love received from family, friends, associates, and even strangers. I love You, Father. Amen.

Speak Your Truth

Say the words below and write down your truth. You can also use the Seek Him, Volume 1 or Seek Him: Workbook 1 to write down your responses.

I Feel …

I Am…

I Believe…

I Am Grateful For …

I Will Improve …

I Am Proud of Myself Because …

I Will Stay Out of My/God’s Way By…

Today I will Focus More on…

And Focus Less on…

Today I Will…


When you are ready to go deeper, please refer to Day 109 in Seek Him: Workbook 1

Music: Quiescent In Time by Shane Ivers –

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