Breaking Bread For 3.14.23

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Then they came to Capernaum. When He was in the house, He asked them, “What were you arguing about on the way? ” But they were silent, because on the way they had been arguing with one another about who was the greatest. Sitting down, He called the Twelve and said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.

Mark 9:33-35 HCSB


The only title and role you should be concerned with are that of servant. I truly believe that people get caught up in titles, roles, pecking order, seniority, the rungs of ladders they are on, and so on and so forth. We end up with big-head syndrome, feeling all too important.

Instead of life being about you and your feelings and a sense of entitlement—let it be about how you can be of service to God and a help to others.

  • How can you be a team player, not an obstacle?
  • How can you bring value rather than drama?
  • How can you contribute rather than hinder?
  • Instead of shutting down, how can you work to do your part to make things work?

In everything that we do and with all job descriptions, there’s a responsibility that we seem to overlook or forget, the part that says, “…and duties as assigned…” What I mean by that is our job in life, or even with a company, is never confined to just a set amount of tasks.

As new things pop up, we must adjust and accept more responsibilities or simply different ones. People struggle with change, we claim we want it, but when it comes, we say, “That’s not what I signed up for…” Or “That’s not in my job description!” Are you serious? If you are not open to change and all that comes with it, don’t place yourself in situations and roles where acceptance of change is necessary.

If you want a promotion, raise, to be married, have kids, a new car or house, to own a business—whatever it is—you either must accept that things will eventually come as “duties as assigned,” and you must take the reigns and march forward—or don’t accept the position at all. That means don’t strive forward for things that require ownership, struggle, more work, persistence, pain, longer hours, more patience, accountability, and having to do way more than you ever expected.

People truly think life is about them. That is why we struggle so much. This existence and our experiences are all about God and our journey realigning back to Him. Ponder that, and then share your thoughts.

God bless you all!


Father, let me always be humbled to remember my place as a servant. Let me always lift others up without concern with how I’m placed in the “mix” of things. Let me serve with love even in frustration. Let me serve with kindness and patience even with the most difficult of people.

Let me never react to life but respond as You direct me. Open my ears to listen and hear. Open my eyes to see and have vision. Open my mouth to share wisdom but close it before I utter anything unloving or ignorant. Warm my heart to be receptive.

Bless me with discernment Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

And with that family, I pray that you are blessed, that you see and embrace your blessings, and that you are a blessing to others.



Copyright 2013-2023. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

Music: Climb by Shane Ivers; Quiescent In Time by Shane Ivers –

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