Breaking Bread For 3.23.23

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Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.

Jude 1:2


We go through ups and downs. We try desperately to swim through troubled waters. We must face people who can sometimes be selfish, bitter, cold, mean, unfair, and unkind. We must endure situations that seem to tear away at us.

God never intends for us to be in situations that don’t make us stronger, wiser, braver, and more confident; He hopes we will turn to Him for guidance. It is when we try to make up contradicting rules, re-arrange and re-write His way, and participate in His plan only when we see fit, do we feel the friction that is caused by us going against His grain.

If you truly want mercy, peace, and love, then you must freely give it to others. You must pray that people receive them even when they aren’t showing you mercy, dealing with you peacefully, or embracing you and reflecting God’s love. We must show mercy, work to bring peace while reflecting it, and love people wholly for who they are as God’s children— and not for who we want them to be.

We have difficulties controlling ourselves and our own behavior, so who are we to try to control and dictate to others? Once we learn to let go and let God handle things, situations, and people— we will stop trying to do His job and just focus on doing ours. There is no human below or above us; we reign over no one except ourselves. We are to worship no one other than God. We are His servants, His children, His creations. Jesus is our Savior and the example we are to follow, and God is our Heavenly Father-Mother who reigns supremely over all.

When you have a genuine relationship with Jesus and our Father, then you know this, and you live your life accordingly.


Father, I thank You for Your continued mercy, and for the ability to show and give mercy to others. I thank You for Your peace and love that fills me, so when I am faced with situations that are troubling I can be filled with a calm that quiets my restlessness, and allows me to be more receptive to You—and less bothered by what someone else does, says, or fails to do or say.

Father, when I am faced with difficult people or I’m being the difficult person, help me to find the peace within to walk away from conflict, and without disappointing You. Humans don’t always see ourselves as You do and because of that we are less willing to change our ways to be more like Your son, Jesus Christ.

I want to be more like Jesus and I know that the only way this is possible is to obey You at all times, doing what You ask of me, and not making my own decisions because I feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is the molding process I must undergo to be transformed into Your desired design. So I humbly accept what I must in order to become what I am destined to be. In Your Name I pray. Amen.

And with that family, I pray that you are blessed, that you see and embrace your blessings, and that you are a blessing to others. Have an incredible day. Seek and show mercy, peace, and love.



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