About Natasha

Hello family!

If you do not know me personally, let me share a little about myself….

I am the daughter of two loving and hard-working parents who provided a warm nurturing home for me, and are in part the reason I am who I am today. I will be eternally grateful to them, and pray to never disappoint them but only to honor them.

I pray for my mother to have every resource available to her to continue her work as a servant leader to those who need her most. I pray that God blesses me with abundance so that through my cup running over, I may be one of many sources to help ensure that my mom’s dreams come true. She has always been here for me and I pray that I’m always here for her.

I am proud to be the big sister to a little sister (who is taller than me), who I pray for each day. I pray that God protects each step she takes. She has been blessed to do great things. I pray she sees this and expresses this in her speech, thoughts and deeds, and that she becomes the woman God intends. I also pray that God protects her and my nephew, who my sister was blessed to give birth to in 2017. I will strive every day to do my best to look out for my sister and my amazing nephew.

I am a consultant, business management professor, author, podcaster, and blogger. To check out my books, published and those coming through the pipeline, visit DomeLifePublishing.com

I am working at living life to its fullest, sharing life experiences through mentoring, and helping others through genuine care and concern for their well-being. I am passionate about helping others help themselves. I am a natural born teacher. I love teaching. I enjoy the bonds that I share with the students that I call team members. I get excited to see people’s mental ‘light bulb’ turn on. It inspires me to continue pouring into them with even greater intensity, and while they learn from me I also learn from them.

As a consultant and practitioner of management I’m interested in building professional relationships to help organizations find the missing pieces to their puzzles, and to help them meet their goals and responsibilities for a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and culturally-sound work environment. I also look forward to connecting globally with more professionals, philanthropists and change agents.


I have been a believer and follower of Christ since birth. I can admit that I did go through stages in life where my belief was conditional and I would sometimes doubt God and Jesus. During those times I would follow man’s lead and my urges for instant gratification, which has always lead to heartache. I have had many ups and downs in my life, but I know that it is only because of God that I made it through. My successes are due to God’s will and grace. My failures are due to my stubbornness, fear and refusal to follow Jesus’ example.

I’m a work in progress. Each day I strive to be more loving, kind, compassionate, graceful, forgiving, and giving to others. Each day I pray that God continues to mold me. Who I am spiritually and personally determines who I am and will be professionally. Through my “walk” I hope to connect with believers, non-believers, and conditional believers to share love, grace, dignity, respect, and mercy for all; not concerned with acceptance or conversion of my beliefs in God and His son Jesus Christ, but rather a concern that all mankind be treated with the care that we would individually hope and pray to receive.

No one is separate from God’s love and protection and by sharing these messages I hope that we all strive to freely give the gift of love to every man, woman, and child regardless of their age, sex, sexual orientation, skin color, race, nationality, religion, abilities, political beliefs and agendas, accomplishments or limitations. We love God because He first loved us, and as His reflections we should love all of His children as a reflection of how deeply and unconditionally He loves us. When we don’t, we break His heart and tear away at our bond with Him.

This blog is for sharing inspirational messages with the world. I’m not here to preach, pass judgment, convert, recruit, highlight a church or religious leader. I’m simply sharing words of love and peace inspired by the Word of the Bible. There will be no advertising, soliciting, promoting, or the like on this blog from ANYONE! You may also find that I reference other spiritual texts that declare God’s love and presence. This blog is about our relationship and His creations, not the religions we choose to align with. If this sounds like your cup of tea then I welcome you to join me and subscribe to my blog today so that our cups can run over together!

Lovingly and with warmest wishes,


For a complete bio or to take part in any of our daily discussions, please email me at BreakingBreadWithNatasha@gmail.com

Copyright. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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    Glenn Callwood in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands may Go keep blessing you and your entire family

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