Breaking Bread for 1.3.20


“When she told the man of God what had happened, he said to her, “Now sell the olive oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can live on what is left over.””

II Kings 4:7


How amazing is that? How many of us are sitting on blessings and don’t even know it?

I believe I shared this story of Elisha and the widow in my daily message once before. But with the whole world feeling this financial crunch— I’m sure you would agree that it is both appropriate and applicable to many people.

God sent Elisha as His ambassador. In his journeys he met this widow who looked around and saw no money and no resources at her disposal. Yet she was a debtor feeling the pressure from those she owed money. She did not clearly see the potential that was within her home and within herself— but Elisha did. He had her fill jars and bottles with of all things—olive oil. Then he turned her into an entrepreneur— having her to sell the oil.

Look around and consider the possibilities. What are you not seeing? What opportunities are there but you aren’t seizing? What resources do you have at your disposal but you haven’t realized their use or aren’t quite sure how to use them? What things do you have in your home, garage, storage unit, shed, attic, basement, or in your car—that you could sell?

Pray for God to reveal these truths to you. To help you see and take use of those resources and tools before you. Pray for wisdom, clarity and strength during this time. Have faith that God is with you, will never leave you, and will never allow you to go through something that He feels you can’t handle. Trust and believe! Make this day your best!


Father, help me to see how I can take even the smallest of what I possess to not only pay my debts but survive comfortably with the remaining portion.

Father, help those that I owe a debt to be more patient, understanding and empathic, as You show me how to transform my life.

Give me the patience and focus to see how to turn the ‘olive oil’ into a financial blessing. Father I ask for strength and clarity during this time. I humbly pray to you today. Amen.


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