Oops I Forgot to Share Yesterday 😲

Good morning Breaking Bread family!

As I sat here preparing today’s message I realized that I forgot to share yesterday’s message with you. I didn’t sit in stillness long enough to pay attention. A great reminder.

So, I hope you will be receptive and embrace a double-dose of God’s Word today. In a moment I will post the message from yesterday and then in about two hours I will share today’s message. May they feed your soul!



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Glad to Be Back

Hi Breaking Bread Family!

I know that I’ve been missing for about two weeks. There’s been a lot going on in my world. But thankfully, God guided me through each day and circumstance. Oh, the testimony I have to share.

But in the meantime, check out today’s Breaking Bread message. It will reach your inbox shortly.

I love you, and I missed you dearly!


🤦🏽‍♀️I Forgot to Record AND Post This Weekend 🤦🏽‍♀️

I just shared today’s Breaking Bread With Natasha message, and I know that my longtime readers probably did a doubletake because I clearly skipped two days. Well, folks, I boldly show you that we can make mistakes but get back on the saddle and try again. I forgot to record and post BBWN this weekend. Like, huh? What? How?

Yep. I got distracted by life, family, super loud neighbors (that’s another post for another day), and trying to focus on this dreaded final of final edits for my upcoming books Seek Him, Volume 3 and Seek Him: Workbook 3. Yeah, that’s a lot of final edits, am I right? But I am excited to share that I finished those final edits, and today I’m sending them out for the next stage in this publishing journey.

I don’t want to leave you hanging, so I’m including the links to Saturday and Sunday’s recordings and written messages. Heck, maybe you will need a double or triple dose of God’s Truth to tag team and penetrate the lies the enemy keeps whispering to you. I don’t know. I hope you listen, take in the message, and share them with others.

I love you!!!!!!


Come Break Bread With Me

Click below to listen and read along to the weekend messages!

Well Shucks, I Didn’t Expect That!

Hi Breaking Bread family!

You probably realized that you didn’t receive a message yesterday and your inbox for today’s message still hasn’t notified you. Well, I ran into some snags, and yesterday’s post was just released a moment ago. I hope you will read it as we are digging into the story of Samson, before and after his entanglement with the Philistines and Delilah. We’re going to use Judges 16:1-2, 4-5 as the go-between, as we quickly explore Judges 13-15 and see the tie-ins to our own lives. I also have 6 questions for you to ponder and answer at the end. So, come break bread with me for a few minutes!

Here’s the link to the June 14th message.

And then, if you could spare another two minutes, maybe you will also join me for today’s Breaking Bread, as that message and recording are being released shortly after you finish reading this. I apologize for the mixup. I hope that you enjoy the messages. I hope that each Breaking Bread message connects and resonates with you and that you feel inspired to share with others.

Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support. In several days, I will have some updates on Seek Him, Volume 3 and Seek Him: Workbook 3, the final set in my Seek Him books series. It’s been a long and arduous journey, but worth every moment. Thank you for taking part along the way!



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Guess What You Will See Beginning Tomorrow?

Well folks, it seems as though God has given me a long enough break. If you have been breaking bread with me for several years, then you know that I used to post seven days per week. Saturday used to be designated as my recap day. I would provide summaries and links to the messages that were sent Monday through Friday. On Sundays, I would share summaries and highlights from sermons that I heard from various churches, and I welcomed followers to share their notes and takeaways from the church services that they had attended. After a couple of years, I reduced my messages to Monday through Friday, eliminating the weekend postings.

Let me be clear, I’m not reviving the Saturday Recap or the Sunday Sermon Share Day. In case you were wondering.

I am however, stretching myself in another way. In a way that I asked God, “Are you sure you want me to do this now and not just tee things up for 2023?”. Honestly, it would be much easier to delay this step until next year. There is so much I’m responsible for already. But why is the clay trying to dictate to the potter? I’m always trying to give Him my two cents.

So, let me share what I’ve agreed to do, beginning tomorrow.

Tomorrow you will notice a Breaking Bread message in your inbox. You will open it and realize that it’s like my regular Monday through Friday messages. On Sunday, you will notice the same occurrence. I don’t want you to wonder if I made an error. Hence the reason for this message. Starting tomorrow, you will receive Breaking Bread With Natasha, seven days a week.

Yes, written and audio messages.

Yes, every week.

Yes, I’m in the backseat of the car and asking God, “Where are we going and what will we do when we get there?”

Yes, I’m laughing and saying, “They say be careful what you ask for, He’s always listening” and then I remind myself “Woman, you’ve got this and He’s got you!”

I hope that you will join me over the weekend, in addition to the week days. If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, please do so. Each post will automatically notify you. I look forward to breaking bread with you 365 days a year!



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Another Announcement or Two 📣

Hi Breaking Bread family!

So, I was so caught up in the excitement last week that I forgot to follow up with my second announcement. The first, if you missed it, you can read here and it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke either.

Today’s announcement is a much-awaited one, an update on the third and final set of my Seek Him book series. If you’re new to my blog then you may not know about my books. If you have been reading my posts for awhile then you should already know, and hopefully you have already purchased and began reading the books.

Our first set tested your spiritual comfort zone. The second set encouraged you to go beyond your spiritual comfort zone. The third set lovingly says “don’t turn back” to that comfort zone; don’t turn back to your past and dwell on what once was.

The third set will be released this Spring 2022!

Let me say now, you will want to ensure that you have the entire set. The lead book and workbook.

I also encourage you to purchase the first two sets, for yourself and for loved ones. Right now, Amazon is running a sale, so jump on them while you can. They’re also available through Bookshop.org, BN.com (Barnes & Noble), Walmart, and other major retailers.

I really like Bookshop.org because they support local bookstores; you know, the ones that may or may not still be located in your neighborhood? Yeah, those. In our want-it-next-day culture, let’s not forget to appreciate our local bookstores. If you don’t know of any, no worries, you can search on Bookshop or just opt to allow proceeds of your purchase to be distributed amongst the thousands of bookstores that Bookshop supports.

If you happen to be a member of Goodreads, please follow me there. I’m still navigating that space and looking forward to connecting with other book worms.

Once my third volume set has been signed off and a print date and presale date is confirmed, I will make that announcement. When I’ve been given the green light to share some sneak peeks of it, I will rush this way and do just that! I look forward to sharing this labor of love with all of you. It has blessed me and I know it will continue to bless me. I hope it blesses you too!



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Urgent Breaking Bread Announcement

I’m excited family!

Two or three years ago I tried to bring you Breaking Bread in a unique way but technology wasn’t cooperating. Well today, God just blessed me with the opportunity and ability to to finally do what He placed on my heart.

Listen to my announcement here

Be sure to like, follow/subscribe, so you can access me in more than one way!

Today’s Breaking Bread will be hitting your inbox shortly. Stay tuned!



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My Beloved Fur Baby, Bishop, Has Passed Away

It is with deep sadness, sorrow, and gut-wrenching pain that I share today that yesterday, November 14, 2020, by beloved child, dog, friend, companion, and protector—Bishop Milo Bryant, transitioned from this life.

I struggle to type these words because his presence is so strong, in my heart, mind, spirit, and soul. His presence is so strong in my home, car, and throughout social media—as he has his own IG, FB, and Twitter accounts.

I walk past his bed, cool mat, blanket, water and food area, his toys, and I’m waiting to see him. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My entire body is in agony and I don’t know what else to do except pray for peace within.

Read More Here

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Update on My New Book…Books…

Hi Breaking Bread family! I want to give you an update on my book. I try to be as transparent as I can about me, my life, and my projects. The same is true with the books I’m writing. As many of you know, I’m writing a book that is motivated and based upon my journey through Breaking Bread. It’s bolder, more challenging, and more proactive.

Let me share the latest

Well folks, long story short…my book is too long, way too long. It’s so long I wouldn’t even buy it. I would just keep walking by it in the bookstore or keep scrolling past (on my computer). And if I bought it, I wouldn’t read all of it. I’m serious.

So what does that mean?

It means your girl (me) has to split this book into two. Yep, two. Yep.

Two books. With a reasonable amount of pages. Enough to interest you but not repulse you. Because if I wouldn’t want it, why in the world would you?

The Process

It sounds way easier than it is. I have to figure out how to transition half of the book into a new one, seamlessly, using the same editing software. I also have to trace any parts of the book where I may have pointed my readers into another part of the book. If that part happens to be in a section that will be in the new book, then I have to adjust the wording accordingly.

Then the endnotes have to be adjusted, and I have tons of those. If you knew how many sources I read, studied, skimmed, and then had to accurately align with my commentary. Uugh. It’s painful.

I’ve asked myself a few times, “Why did you feel the need to provide references for your readers?” And my reply is always, “So they can read and learn for themselves”. I want readers to have a new experience. Not to be merely entertained or pumped up on a short-term spiritual high.

I want people to start taking the steps towards their own breakthroughs, to have a different type of relationship with God, self, and others. So I’m being obedient in typing and sharing what God pours into me.


This has felt like the longest labor and delivery experience EVER, but I know it isn’t. I know it won’t be. There’s lessons and blessings in this experience. I was blessed to write the words that encompass this book, or I should now say, books. I was. I am.

I knew there would be at least two volumes and at least two additional books that would align with the concepts shared. But I didn’t realize how much God was pouring into me and how that was translating into pages, and bodies of work. I hoped that with formatting, the word count wouldn’t convert to the number of pages that I calculated. Joke’s on me. Calculations were accurate.

My desire was to have this content as one book, then I could continue writing the content for volume two. From there I would consider writing one or two more volumes. Now, as I pray about this situation, I’m waiting for clarity—with this book being broken into two volumes, does that mean I only have to write one additional book to serve as the third volume? Or is God directing me to do something else? I’m waiting for clarity.

God’s Time, Not Mine

I have a bad habit of jumping before I’m told, rushing into things before He gives me the green light. I’m choosing to break that habit. It’s exhausting and time consuming having to walk back to where you were supposed to be before you excitedly broke loose. I have to laugh at this experience. Through my groans, I laugh.

I can say that I’m blessed to be in this position. I would rather have too much content than not enough, or worse— none. I’m glad to be in the position to question where to realign content, than to question when an idea will manifest into written/typed words. I’m being blessed with abundance, so I don’t dare to express a sense of lack, simply because it throws me off of my desired schedule.

These books can be started at any time. Readers don’t have to wait until the first of the year to begin. You begin the day you open the book and start reading. I’m going to stop stressing or being bothered by man’s calendars. I’m going to let God do what God does. I’m going to get on His master calendar.

Had I worked off of His timeline in the very beginning, I wouldn’t be in this situation right now. My lack of focus and discipline kept me behind schedule. I own my goof ups. One of many lessons learned.

So When, Then?

If you’re wondering when you will be able to get your hands on this first book—all I can say is soon. I took off Tuesday and yesterday from editing. I was exhausted. Mentally and physically.

Today I sit down and begin to trace my content. I don’t want you to read something that points you somewhere in my book, just to find out it’s been moved to the second book. That would just suck. I want you to be encouraged to transition to the second book, to continue the spiritual journey.

So, that’s my focus today. If I can effectively trace and rewrite those directives today, then I can begin highlighting the split of the endnotes, and then figure out how in the world to transfer half of the content into a new book using the same editing software. I know there’s an easier way than what first comes to mind. I’m going to pray to God for guidance on that.

I keep telling myself, “All of this is done to glorify God. It’s the act of love!” Today I take the next steps, in love, to do as I’ve been called to do. Please pray for me!



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Update On My New Books!

Oh my goodness!

I’m so excited!

This week we will be wrapping up my book. Handing the baton to the next leg in this race.

The title and cover art are finalized.

Final edits are going through the approval stage. Jeesh, this is intense. Going through hundreds of pages with a fine-tooth comb is labor intensive. No slacking allowed!

I’m also double-checking my acknowledgement pages to ensure that I don’t forget anyone. There’s been quite a few people who have helped me during various stages of this book. I don’t want to forget anyone.

Once things are approved and finalized I will release the title and artwork. That will signal my first wave of promotion for this long waited project.

Yes, you will get a chance to reserve your copy. Stay tuned for details!

As this first book rolls out, with a workbook—yes, you read that correctly. A workbook. Where you can take notes, answer questions, and more. Yep, that is also being published to accompany this book. Then the second book (volume 2 of this book) will be teed up for release in the Summer of 2020.

I’m excited and exhausted at the exact same time. This has been a worthwhile experience!

I truly appreciate my group of readers who have provided valuable feedback on the content, title, layout, pricing, and publication date of my book.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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My Book Update

Hi Family!

So let me give you the latest updates on my new book, coming this winter…

Well I’ve handed off 4 sections of it to 12 readers. They were also given a questionnaire to complete which will give me adequate feedback on their thoughts about the book, from concept and approach, to readability and their perceived value.

Once their questionnaires are completed, I will review, and make edits based on their suggestions. Then I begin the next round. I had a huge setback when I lost part of my book awhile ago, but I’m pleased with what came out of that loss. I dug deeper and rose with greater. A great life lesson.

So what comes after that?

Formatting for print, artwork, alignment with retailers, other administrative steps, promo for readers to reserve their copy in advance, and then BAM…launch. There’s of course more, but that’s it in a nutshell.

I’ve learned a lot from this experience, especially because I’m drafting three books at the same time, and it can be a struggle in my mind…

There’s a balance you must find between writing for self and writing for the reader. When it’s 100% for and about you, you may only get a fraction of readers, because they can’t relate. If you wrote solely for your readers, your voice is not your own, and at some point you won’t have an identity to speak from. You will just feel like a soulless puppet.

If you want to write solely for self, then your options are: blogging, journaling, or releasing books that barely anyone buys. You may not like those options, but they are options. Let me be clear, this isn’t to say that blogging is self-satisfying, what I’m saying is if you choose to be, you do have that resource as an option.

If on the other hand, you write solely for the readers, you will most likely reach a point where you want to share your voice, and no one wants to hear it, because all they know is what you’ve been repeatedly sharing in the past.

What I want is in the middle, for self and for readers, my voice and something they can relate to, something that speaks to them and has them thinking that I’m speaking about and to them. For me, that’s a healthy balance.

So, I want to thank those of you who are currently reading and reviewing my book. I want to thank everyone who reads and supports this blog. I can’t wait until launch day. Some of you have been waiting much longer than me for this book release. I humbly thank you!



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What I’m Praying For…

Happy Wednesday, Breaking Bread Family!

I know you’re wondering where those Monday through Friday Breaking Bread With Natasha (BBWN) messages are, and why they aren’t in your inbox. Well, God and I have been working on some big, bold, and bodacious things—starting first, within me!

See, when we want things to change for the better, change must first begin within us. Before we can see the external change we must uproot and overhaul the systems and processes taking place internally. We also have to take ownership of the truth and reality that most of our internal shut-down and malfunctioning was due to the fact that we simply couldn’t embrace and deal with external changes. Our unwillingness to adapt and overcome, turns into the excuse of “I can’t”, and that it is something or someone’s fault why we “can’t”.

Look folks, we can fool ourselves but we can’t fool the One who made and molded us. We can’t fool the One who consistently shows up on time and bails us out of our stupidity. We love to say the catchphrases, “keep it real” and “keep it 100”, yet we’re walking around here phony as ever.

Last year, God brought several people to speak to me, to rattle me up and out of my spiritual and emotional “funk”. He brought one person in particular who has helped me tremendously in showing me how to go deeper into prayer, how to ask God clarifying questions, and how to embrace those moments when I hear God’s voice over all noise and other voices. The last two months have really be soul-stirring as I’ve reached a point, spiritually, that I can only recall feeling this familiar when I was a very small child (younger than age 9).

Can you believe it?

Well you better because God’s no joke and His works are no lie.

Thank you KLB for allowing God to use you in this and so many other ways. Your obedience has allowed me to open and explore portals that have desperately seeked attention and use.

So family, I will resume the BBWN posts soon. I will also include other content. I will pick up the baton I sat down, in the form of the audio messages. I think there’s another platform that will work better for recording and storage, that I then can share an access link for those of you who are interested in connecting with me in audio. As God points me in the right direction I will follow, and then follow up with you.

My Book

Some of you have inquired about my book that I first started tap tapping on my keyboard to create back in August of 2016. I made an announcement at the end of 2017 that I was jumping back in so I could finish it. There were some moments of vision blocks and then a sea of pure release, as I’ve typed and edited along the way. I know from my years as a journalism student that you’re not supposed to edit while writing. You’re supposed to write, edit, and re-write what needs fixing, and then repeat the process until you reach the states of “good enough” or “oh God this is amazing”.

I’m roughly 90% done. I’m slated to complete this body of work by March to send to an editor. The goal is to have edits and the “shabang” done by June, for promotion to begin in August for a November/December sale date. That then sets everyone in motion to begin reading Day 1 of the book on January 1, 2020!!!!

Yeah yeah yeah…I know. I know. Some of you want the book now. I get it. You’ve been waiting more than one year. But guess what? God’s been waiting decades for me to write, finish, and publish a book. So I think you can wait 10-11 more months to get the book in your hand, and then one more month to begin the daily journey. I will need your help as I stride to these deadlines. I pray that you will be receptive and forthcoming with your assistance and feedback when I reach my arms out to you. This book is for you and people like you who want to embrace the unique and special relationship that we each have with God. That is why I am including you on this writing journey. Stay tuned for details.

Now…to what I’m praying for…are you ready to see what I typed last night for myself to read, recite, and stand true in today and each day? See below and then, if you have a sense of humor, go ahead and chuckle if you can relate:

Do you see it? Can you feel it? Can you relate? God has humongous things planned and in store for me, and He’s been waiting decades for me to stay on my path, get the work done, magnify Him, and testify through my walk (not just my talk) all that He has and is doing for me. I’m frequently disobedient, but He’s the grandest of teachers with the most patience and skills. Soooo…as He realigns me I will release my grip on my false sense of control, and let Him do what only He can do. I’m gonna listen to Him and not seek approval or permission from those He created. I’ve squandered almost 30 years on that foolish merry-go-round. I’m dizzy and nauseous. That ride is stopping. Now. Right now.

With that, I conclude today’s message. I hope that you’re excited for me. If not, shake off your “funk” and get with the program. We need your light to shine, we have enough shade to go around!

Love always,


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Happy New Year! I’m Not Focused on Resolutions, I’m Focused on my Daily Walk

I shared this on my Natasha Foreman site earlier today, and I decided that it was more than appropriate to share it here on BBWN. I’ve added to the message so that it can lovingly poke some of you who are struggling with the storms of life’s past and present.

I hope that something that I share in this message helps….

I’m going to focus on today, today. What can I do, see, and be today? That is my focus.

If I have one foot in the past and one in the future, that means I’m straddling the present. If I’m straddling the present then all I can possibly do is take a dump on today or choose to move both of my feet into today’s space. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of dumping on my present. I want to thrive each day. I want to wake excited about what the day will bring, and I want to fall asleep at night pleased with all that I experienced, learned, and shared that day.

I want my life to be about healing reflection not regret. I want to make the most out of my days so that I’m excitedly sharing the greatness of now, and not dwelling on my hay day of the past successes. I want my setback to be a learning setup for bigger and better success, not a cesspool blame game of what-went-wrong.

Yesterday is behind us. Last year is behind us. So are all of the years past that you can’t return to and fix. What happened has happened. You don’t have a time machine to change things; and if you did, would you truly change every thing that happened in your past? Because you would have to in order to get your desired outcome, which means there’s a lot of great people and experiences you would miss out on all because you wanted to change one or more series in your life’s story.

Think of how much precious time you would then lose in the present and how that would then affect your future. There’s a better way to deal with our past….Learn from it and move forward. Stop dumping on your present, or that gift will no longer be your reality.

This isn’t a new year’s resolution, this is my daily affirmation. Focus on being, doing, and seeing all that God has called on me to be, do, and see today. What you plant and nurture today what will be reaped tomorrow.

My self-talk for today….

Maybe it will help someone else who needs a loving push. Yes, I can reflect God’s love in more ways than the traditional space that I’ve used for BBWN over the past 10 years. I can also share boldly with affirmations such as this. Maybe it will resonate with you and allow God’s words, meant for you, to pierce the bubble that you have placed yourself within.

I love you all!


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Breaking Bread Now Has Audio Feature

BB now has audio feature

Yes family, you read this correctly. Breaking Bread With Natasha (BBWN) is taking the next step with technology to include an audio feature. As you can see in this message.

Please click on the audio file below to listen.

Starting today, I will include audio files in my messages to allow you to listen to the message either while you read along, or during moments when you can’t read the message but would still like to hear it.

This will also hopefully benefit those individuals who may have strengths in other areas but maybe the sense of sight or the ability to read (at any level) may be limited.

I understand the task at hand. I understand the responsibility that comes with accepting and using this technology.

Currently, my resources are limited so I don’t have a fancy microphone, audio system, or sound-proof room. I’m not recording in a studio. I will oftentimes be recording in my home office, and it has windows. I say all of this now so that I can address the comments that I know will soon come about the sound quality. I believe that God will bless me with the resources to provide quality audio recordings. Just as I know that one day He will bless me to provide quality video recordings. Yes, I’m claiming both in the name of Jesus.

I have been resisting God’s loving urges that have been guiding me to and down this path for years. My resistance has only prevented me from receiving the blessings that He still has waiting for me. As a student of His word and a servant to Him and all that He calls on me to embrace and care for, I cannot continue to do the bare minimum—to serve only within my comfort zone.

If I want more out of life then I must do more. The action of giving is not good enough, it is your intention through giving that God examines. What does your heart reveal in and through your giving? God knows my heart as He knows your heart.

I’m giving to be closer and more intertwined with Him. I’m giving through gratitude for all that He gives me, even when we both know that I don’t deserve much of what I have received. So when I give freely and lovingly, He knows exactly why.

Please pray for me family. Pray that I don’t shut down out of fear, pull away, and settle for mediocrity. Pray that I continue to walk forward towards each benchmark that God has set before me. Pray that I continue being receptive and obedient to His commands and to my calling. Pray that I fully embrace my purpose and that I never stop giving all that God has poured into me. I thank you now for your prayers. I pray that God comforts you and keeps you, and that my message today inspires you to give freely to others.

I love you all!


Copyright 2018. Natasha Foreman Bryant/Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.