Guess What You Will See Beginning Tomorrow?

Well folks, it seems as though God has given me a long enough break. If you have been breaking bread with me for several years, then you know that I used to post seven days per week. Saturday used to be designated as my recap day. I would provide summaries and links to the messages that were sent Monday through Friday. On Sundays, I would share summaries and highlights from sermons that I heard from various churches, and I welcomed followers to share their notes and takeaways from the church services that they had attended. After a couple of years, I reduced my messages to Monday through Friday, eliminating the weekend postings.

Let me be clear, I’m not reviving the Saturday Recap or the Sunday Sermon Share Day. In case you were wondering.

I am however, stretching myself in another way. In a way that I asked God, “Are you sure you want me to do this now and not just tee things up for 2023?”. Honestly, it would be much easier to delay this step until next year. There is so much I’m responsible for already. But why is the clay trying to dictate to the potter? I’m always trying to give Him my two cents.

So, let me share what I’ve agreed to do, beginning tomorrow.

Tomorrow you will notice a Breaking Bread message in your inbox. You will open it and realize that it’s like my regular Monday through Friday messages. On Sunday, you will notice the same occurrence. I don’t want you to wonder if I made an error. Hence the reason for this message. Starting tomorrow, you will receive Breaking Bread With Natasha, seven days a week.

Yes, written and audio messages.

Yes, every week.

Yes, I’m in the backseat of the car and asking God, “Where are we going and what will we do when we get there?”

Yes, I’m laughing and saying, “They say be careful what you ask for, He’s always listening” and then I remind myself “Woman, you’ve got this and He’s got you!”

I hope that you will join me over the weekend, in addition to the week days. If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, please do so. Each post will automatically notify you. I look forward to breaking bread with you 365 days a year!



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My BIG Announcement!!!

Happy Saturday Family!

Well here we are. The moment has finally arrived. It’s time for me to share my big Breaking Bread announcement. I’m nervous but I’m ready. I will stop teasing you and start showing you how God will be using me. So let’s do this!

Next year I will be publishing a book, my first to ever be released for public reading. Yes, you read that correctly. My first of many being lined up for the world. 

I’m finally taking the big leap!

For more than 12 years people have asked me to write books, to tell my story, to share my gifts with the world. I’ve started and stopped numerous times. For over 8 years, I’ve had Breaking Bread readers ask me, “when are you going to write a Breaking Bread book?” Well family, I can say that the time is now!

I started drafting the book in August. The enemy jumped into hyper mode trying to tell me to keep it small, don’t go big and bold. I’ve chosen to listen to God, Who told me to go big, bold, and bring 100 percent in honor of Him. So that’s what I’m doing. 

I’m working with a team to outline the marketing and rollout strategy, publisher requirements, and how to thank everyone who has supported me and the Breaking Bread blog since 2009. 

I can’t share all of the details now. I can say that I have a title for this particular book. I finalized that this week (after changing it twice). This book is based on my work through the Breaking Bread blog. There will be both an e-book and a soft-bound print version. Let me stop there before I reveal too much. *Smile*

I’m trusting God. I’m walking confidently wherever He guides me. I’m ready for Him to use me at this new level. I will not let anyone or anything get in the way of this project and God’s plan. I’ve put the enemy on notice. It better back down or get smacked down! This is God’s domain!

So please stay tuned for details in the near future. If you have ideas, suggestions, or requests for the new book and future books, please email them to me at:

Thanks family. I’m excited. No more hiding in fear, doing just enough. Next year is the year to stand up and be all that God has called us to be. 2017 is the year I declare, “No fear! Just winning!”

I love you all!

Your sister in Christ,


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