Breaking Bread For 8.31.22

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When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow. 

Ecclesiastes 5:4 


We can’t move slowly on our vows and promises to God yet have expectations of His blessings arriving in our time. If you can’t keep your promise, don’t make it. Think long and hard before you say, “God, I promise that if You do….I will…”. Because God’s memory never fades, and He’s not into twisted game-playing. He keeps His promises or He doesn’t make them. We must do the same. What are you saying about your relationship with Him when you break your promises? What are you telling Him about how you view Him?

My dad taught me that it’s better to say to someone, “I will try,” than to make a promise. A promise forms a bond that isn’t to be broken, but only fulfilled. By saying you will try, your efforts don’t go unnoticed; even if you fail to achieve what you set out to accomplish, it’s not held against you. If you try and succeed, then hooray!

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a loophole; it’s not a way to get over on God or anyone else. It’s not a placeholder or a box to check. It’s about being honest, sincere, and accountable. Whether you’re confident in your ability to do something, or not, by declaring your desire to “try”, you’re also understanding that there may be obstacles you can’t overcome. It doesn’t mean not giving your all, it doesn’t mean aiming low, and it doesn’t mean choosing mediocrity. It also doesn’t mean you can procrastinate and get to it when you feel up to it. It means that given the opportunity, you will pour yourself wholeheartedly into the situation and keep trying until you succeed or fail. It’s the follow-through that matters. You have limitations, and God knows this. It’s understanding that words and intent matter.

Make a vow to try your best with God’s guidance, and then follow through. Don’t make a vow to do something and then flake. Don’t disrespect God. Don’t disrespect who you are.


Father, I pray to rid myself of my affliction of procrastination. Putting off for tomorrow what I can do today is ignorant, foolish, and costly. I also pray for the right thinking to keep my vows to You and not procrastinate on fulfilling them. I don’t want to disappoint You, Father.

Procrastination is connected with laziness and I know You don’t like the former and detest the latter. So I will make every effort to focus on fulfilling my vows to You with a sense of urgency, as I would hope and pray that You would in blessing me. I thank You now Lord. Amen.



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