Took a Much-Needed Break and Now I’m Back

Happy Monday!

I hope that my Breaking Bread family is having a super awesome day and that you’re walking around with a smile on your face even if your life reflects what should be a frown. Trust and believe me when I say that the past six months have felt like hell on Earth for me, but I know that I can’t waste too many days with a frown on my face, because that would mean that God was losing the battle and wasn’t capable of better. It would also mean that I’m not grateful for the daily blessings that He bestows upon me knowing that I don’t deserve them and haven’t earned them—it’s just His loving grace!

I took a couple of weeks to clear my mind, deal with some personal issues, pray, reflect, and listen. Who was I listening to? God. I won’t lie, the enemy sure did have my ear more times than I care to admit. But as always, our Father-Mother always prevails.

So I’m back in the saddle. A post will be coming your way momentarily. I’m also pleased to say that I have an update…

This weekend I dedicated time to work on my book. I hit a wall awhile back because I couldn’t think and see clearly with all of the things that were taking place in my life at the exact same time. But this weekend left me with a great opportunity to sit down and let my heart guide me to where I need to be, and where you the reader would like to see me go with my writing. This is a scary process. Blogging is easy. Writing a book that you think people will want to read and share, and pay for—now that’s a mountain to climb. I’ve been encouraged to keep pressing forward and to remember the nostalgic phrase, “if you build it they will come“. I have to believe that when I do this people will want to read it and share it with others. I can’t keep struggling with God and trying to tell Him how to use me. I have to let go of the steering wheel and let Him steer and be the Captain.

I will keep you updated on my progress. If there is something that you would like to experience from this or any of my future books (yes, I’m speaking that into existence), please don’t hesitate to contact me and share your ideas and requests. Maybe just maybe I can make it happen. Anything is possible when you let God do the steering!

Love your sister in Christ,



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My BIG Announcement!!!

Happy Saturday Family!

Well here we are. The moment has finally arrived. It’s time for me to share my big Breaking Bread announcement. I’m nervous but I’m ready. I will stop teasing you and start showing you how God will be using me. So let’s do this!

Next year I will be publishing a book, my first to ever be released for public reading. Yes, you read that correctly. My first of many being lined up for the world. 

I’m finally taking the big leap!

For more than 12 years people have asked me to write books, to tell my story, to share my gifts with the world. I’ve started and stopped numerous times. For over 8 years, I’ve had Breaking Bread readers ask me, “when are you going to write a Breaking Bread book?” Well family, I can say that the time is now!

I started drafting the book in August. The enemy jumped into hyper mode trying to tell me to keep it small, don’t go big and bold. I’ve chosen to listen to God, Who told me to go big, bold, and bring 100 percent in honor of Him. So that’s what I’m doing. 

I’m working with a team to outline the marketing and rollout strategy, publisher requirements, and how to thank everyone who has supported me and the Breaking Bread blog since 2009. 

I can’t share all of the details now. I can say that I have a title for this particular book. I finalized that this week (after changing it twice). This book is based on my work through the Breaking Bread blog. There will be both an e-book and a soft-bound print version. Let me stop there before I reveal too much. *Smile*

I’m trusting God. I’m walking confidently wherever He guides me. I’m ready for Him to use me at this new level. I will not let anyone or anything get in the way of this project and God’s plan. I’ve put the enemy on notice. It better back down or get smacked down! This is God’s domain!

So please stay tuned for details in the near future. If you have ideas, suggestions, or requests for the new book and future books, please email them to me at:

Thanks family. I’m excited. No more hiding in fear, doing just enough. Next year is the year to stand up and be all that God has called us to be. 2017 is the year I declare, “No fear! Just winning!”

I love you all!

Your sister in Christ,


It’s Coming Today at 12:30pm EST!

Good morning/afternoon Breaking Bread Family!

My big announcement I posted a teaser about a few weeks ago, is finally being shared today at 12:30pm EST, so check your inboxes and notifications. 

I’m ending 2016 strong and stepping in 2017 determined. I hope that you will join me along this journey!



Breaking Bread Has a New Look…But That’s NOT The Big News!

Happy Wednesday Breaking Bread Family!
So I’ve made some changes to the Breaking Bread site. There’s even a snazzy warm logo. I’ve added some things and got rid of some other things. I’m clearing the way for what God has in store. I’m getting the baskets ready for the fish and loaves of bread that I prayed for. I’m starting now rather than waiting for later. 

We must be prepared for God’s provisions when we ask for them. What’s the purpose of asking for a blessing if you aren’t ready for it? 

I could’ve waited until January 1st to come with the new look, to declutter things–but then I would be playing catch up. I’m learning to do it when God places it on my heart to do it, not when it’s convenient or comfortable. Just stop and do it. So I did. A new look. A new feel. A new vision. A new page being turned. 

Please stop by and check it out. This is a teaser for the big announcement that I have planned in the upcoming days. 

Yep, you read that correctly. This isn’t the big announcement. It’s coming and I’m excited. 

God has said I’m ready. God has shown me that I’m ready. I won’t let fear stand in my way. I won’t let other people stand in my way. I won’t be discouraged. I’m stepping out knowing that God has my footing because He directs my steps. That’s a Proverbs 16:9 reference that we really should embed within ourselves. 

Enjoy the site and enjoy today’s Breaking Bread message that is scheduled to post later today. We have some praying and reflecting that we need to do today! 

I love you all!!!

Your sister in Christ,


BIG Announcement Coming Soon!

Hello Breaking Bread Family!

I just wanted you to know that I have a BIG announcement to share in the upcoming days. God has touched my heart to share publicly, and at the time He sees fit. So I will be obedient, which I’m oftentimes not—but I most definitely will this time [*smile*]

Hey, I’m in training, being molded, and extremely flawed. He knows this. Hopefully you can simply laugh and accept this and me too. 

I love you all!

Your sister in Christ,


Message From Natasha…Finally! 

Dear Breaking Bread Family,

It’s been a long time since I broke bread with all of you. I sometimes feel ashamed that in my time of weakness I kept to myself, rather than turning to God’s Word and my role as servant to help strengthen me. As you see, like I keep saying, I’m a plain ole’ human just like everyone else—and definitely a work in progress!

So let me catch you up. But let me prepare you now, this is going to be a lengthy post. That’s what happens when you haven’t spoken to someone in a long time. We have a lot to talk about. So let’s do this…

What’s The Reason For My Absence?

I’m about to be transparent. How else can one testify about God’s blessings and healings if we aren’t transparent? 

For the past two months I’ve been struggling with a lot. I had surgery (that went very well) and thanks to my sister, I had great care while recovering at home. But then 10 days later I took a 5-hour plane and two-hour car trip, and on the eleventh day I was hospitalized with pulmonary embolism. Houston we have a problem!

Hooked up to all sorts of machines I stayed in deep prayer while in the hospital. I had only stayed in the hospital twice in my life, when I was born and again in 2011, so I was initially scared about being alone with all of these tubes and wires attached to me. I eventually found the peace within and became settled. Some may think or even say that it was a dumb idea to make the trip, but even that experience was a blessing. I will explain why shortly. 

God Working For & Through My Family

It was difficult to break the news to my mom and sister. I was thousands of miles away and they had to trust me that I would be okay. I could hear the fear in their voices when I explained what happened and what the doctors were saying to me. I reassured my mom and sister that I was mentally and spiritually grounded, that I knew Who’s child I was and that I would make the best out of this situation and out of my stay. 

My amazing paternal aunt, Debbie, lifted me up in prayer and was the first and constant voice that I heard when I woke up in the hospital. She was by my side at 7:15am and my biggest advocate when dealing with the doctors. 

God worked through my aunt to help me in more ways than I know. 

My mom, sister, and aunt filled me with so much positive energy and I was determined to remain positive and uplifted during and after my hospital stay. I did exactly that. I kept the hospital staff laughing and smiling, which kept me laughing and smiling. 

Spending time with my paternal grandmother gave me a triple dose of spiritual armor. Whenever I want to hear the unwavering voice of faith and belief, I can call my grandmother. There is no question in her mind who God is and what He can and does do. She is a genuine soldier of Christ. I pray to reach her level of understanding and commitment during my lifetime. 

When I returned to my home in Atlanta (a few days before Christmas) my sister immediately resumed and assumed her role as my caretaker. God worked through her in amazing ways. She cooked, cleaned, and kept me laughing and smiling at times when I wanted to cry. When she was at work she would call to check on me and make sure I was doing my part towards healing. She would make sure I wasn’t over doing it trying to be Wonder Woman!

My mother, in another state, taking care of her mother, kept me positive and inspired each day with scriptures and affirmations. Her voice is so reassuring, soothing and strong. I love that woman so very much!

Christmas Day Blessings

Mom flew to my home for Christmas. It felt so awesome being surrounded by family, by love. 

We cooked an amazing Christmas dinner. I made a Puerto Rican pork shoulder, macaroni and cheese, and yams. My mom and sister made several yummy side dishes, and my sister’s boyfriend made chocolate chip cookies. We had fun during our gift exchange and had a few laughs as I got to play DJ, taking music requests, for everything from Christmas-themed songs to Hip Hop. 

No matter what, I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone overshadow the spirit of Christmas, and nothing and no one did. Christmas is my mom’s favorite holiday, and the Foreman girls were determined to celebrate it with love and joy. We did exactly that!

Post-Christmas Whammy

A few days after Christmas I was hit with strept throat, and as much as I like to talk, this was a major inconvenience to say the least. Even in the pain and discomfort I was laughing at the times I was forced to be silent. So no talking simply meant more reflection. Okay got it! 

My husband helped share some of the load by getting my meds and homeopathic items, and would bring me my Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls for the few days I was isolated to one part of the house (so I wouldn’t spread my yuckies). He would also check on me throughout the day to make sure I was comfortable and had everything that I needed. I’m grateful for his care. 

God’s Hand in My Career

How in the world can I be going through all of this while trying to build and grow my two businesses? 

God gave me the strength to conduct business calls and work from my laptop, all while sitting in bed or in a nearby chair. I was able to draft contracts, negotiate and close deals, strategically plan my companies first quarter, and wrap up 2015 not as I planned–but on a good note. 

God made it all possible. 

Just like He made it possible to go through all of this in between semesters when I normally would be teaching. The ONE semester in two years that I DON’T teach a class, how moving is that?!? God made that possible. 

I recovered enough just in time for the start of the semester for one college. Two days after I finished my strept throat meds I welcomed my students to their Intro to Management class. The other college where I teach will resume classes next month, which gives me time to pace myself and get stronger. God made and makes this possible. 

Other Personal Matters God Said Don’t Worry About

I’ve been hit with some other personal whammies over the past two months, and even a few days ago—but I KNOW the power of God. I KNOW that if God can bring me to it then He can bring me through it. This too shall pass and God will protect me each step that I take. I’m going to “ride” with Him because He’s never left my side, He’s never made a promise He didn’t keep, He never let me down, and He’s never stopped “riding” with me. God’s love and commitment to me has NEVER wavered, so I must reciprocate!

My Gratitude 

Each day I get better, stronger, and more grateful. My recent experiences have been a blessing. I know it’s odd to hear and read, but it’s true. I’m God’s creation–flawed–but His and perfect in His sight. God has shown me so much about myself and about others over the past few weeks, and I’m grateful for what He has revealed. When life and people hit you upside your head, turn to God—He ALWAYS has the answers and directions!

I’m also grateful for the seeds that He planted in me these past two months. He’s given me a vision for my present and future. He’s shown me some amazing things that are in store for me, as long as I do my part and put in the work—faith with action! God has a plan and purpose for me. I’m not concerned with what anyone else is doing. I’m not competing with anyone else. I’m not envious of anyone. I’m too focused on what God has in store for me—my purpose. 

I run a business management and support firm, and a tech company. I teach business management at two colleges. Business, management and technology are the lanes that I’m in, nothing else. I’m more than satisfied with this! I’m removing myself from places and instances where I’m drifting in a lane not assigned to me. 

God is molding me and my life as He envisions it—directing my path—and I’m going to try very hard to resist the urge to grab that steering wheel and point the “car” in a different direction. I want to live on purpose as God’s humble and loyal servant. 

My Message to YOU!

Where in this conversation with you have you heard me complaining, worrying, crying out, and expressing doubt in my ability to heal and recover? I’m not just focused on getting better than I am now. I’m focused on being better than I’ve ever been, and I know that it’s only possible with and through God. 

So my message to all of you is this, no matter what you’re going through—if you truly believe in God and His power, then trust Him to keep His word and trust Him to never lead you astray—and then take that trust and follow Him!
No weapon formed against you will prosper as long as you stand firmly in your convictions as a child of God. Don’t ever give up your fight as God’s soldier!

Announcement Coming Soon

I have an important announcement that I will be making in a few weeks. A gift from God that I want to share with the world. I’m determined to be faithful to our Father and obedient to His commands and direction. So stay tuned for details!
Love your sister in Christ,