Breaking Bread For 8.2.22

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“May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels. For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.”

Psalm 122:7-8 NIV


David wrote a song about peace for the people and the land of Jerusalem. Today we can look around us, get news reports, and hear about the violence, inequities, injustice, and atrocities impacting countless people. At times it may feel like there’s more noise than calm.

Before and during your stand for peace in your community and the world, ensure peace within yourself and your home.

Pray for peace to reenergize you each day as you prepare to battle the evil outside your walls. To develop and maintain peace at home, you must not bring drama from the outside across your threshold. You must leave the nonsense outside and demand that others leave their nonsense on the side of your door that faces the world. You must rid your home of toxic people, things, and practices.

Let your home be your place to be most vulnerable, positively. Let it be where you come to relax, unwind, heal, be comforted, and prepared for the next day of unknowns. By taking care of your home environment, you are better equipped to seek out opportunities to meet and align with neighbors, strengthening the ties that bind your block, neighborhood, and community. If you have chaos in your home, how can you be rid of the chaos outside of your home?

Pray that others focus their energies on doing the same for their homes. Then what we seek outside is driven by what we maintain inside. Right now, the toxic environment outside mirrors what’s taking place in many homes. The secrets, lies, and harm only pour into the community and cause more division and destruction.

As airline attendants explain, we must put the oxygen mask on our face first before we can help other passengers on a flight. It doesn’t mean you’re not to help or to delay helping others; it means equipping yourself so you can help.


Father, I pray for peace within my mind and heart, my life, my home, and my community. Free me from the unnecessary weight of my fears. Lift me Lord. I pray that my neighbors also gain peace within and have a peaceful home. May we collectively unite in peace to rebuke the evil that desires destruction and chaos. In Jesus’ Name I pray to You Father. Amen.



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