Breaking Bread for 2.10.20


She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25


You are truly whole and complete when you get to the point where you are fearless, doubtless, and fully confident in God’s ability to see you through anything and everything that the future brings, or throws, your way.

Awesome isn’t it?

Think about never fearing losing your wealth, home, car, or anything you worked hard to earn— that God gave you. Wouldn’t that be an amazing feeling and experience?

Most of my adulthood I’ve had levels of anxiety tied to the fear of losing something. Unpaid bills signal something bad is going to happen soon. We’re punished and rewarded through credit scores, that really have no value, but societies like punishment and reward systems.

Societies like boxes, categories, levels, and classes. Societies like division because it makes the fearful and truly insecure feel secure, and those who were actually free begin to feel insecure and enslaved. It’s a transference of energy and beliefs.

Societies force people to get credit cards to be a part of the system, because without being in the system you are penalized and restricted from acquiring the things that you need, want, and that which “normalizes” you. Need financing for a loan? Try doing it without a favorable credit score. Companies now check credit scores to hire people for jobs. In some instances you can’t rent or participate in certain things without a credit card, and a debit card means they will place a hold on the equivalent funds in your bank. You are punished for not being fully invested in the system. This pressure breeds stress, illness, and dis-ease.

It’s all a trap.

A trap that some people are starting to realize they can be free from. They can untangle this web that chokes the life from them. It requires total reliance upon God, to see the solutions, and act upon them.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to laugh at the days ahead, because you know your joy and sustenance comes from God, and those days are only made possible by and through Him? Each day is a blessing that we should fully embrace. Even in pain we should find joy.

Pray for it. Then believe it!


Father, thank You for the strength and wisdom that guides me daily. Thank You for encircling me with love. With You, I am clothed in strength and dignity; able to raise my head and walk upright, tall and confident. My belief in You and Your greatness builds my faith in You, and in myself.

Father, help me to see the solutions to today’s issues. Help me to rectify issues of the past that tend to haunt me this day. Free me from the bondage I elected to take part in, and the bondage that I didn’t clearly discern. I want to be free from the trappings of this world. I want to be free to live my life focused on my mission, set by You, and not consumed by class, category, numbers, or boxes.

I am not defined by society’s standards. I am defined by You.

Let me laugh at whatever the future may bring knowing that no matter what, You will be right there guiding and protecting me. Let me find joy in this. Let me find joy in the unknown. Let me be excitedly curious, just as I was as a child.

Father, I pray to be as virtuous as depicted in this proverb. In Your name I pray. Giving You all of the glory, forever. Amen.



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