Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 3.29.17


Psalm 90:12


Father I know that my time here, in this body, in this state of being, is only temporary. I pray that I resist the temptation to waste moments being petty, trivial, lazy, spiteful, depressed, or negative. Let me seize each moment, counting the days and remembering that each day wasted is a day taken away. I want to make the most of my life Father. I want to see, hear, taste, feel, smell, learn, and experience new things each day. 

I want to do all that I can do to help others, connect with others, learn from others, and give as You instruct.  I don’t want to take my last breath with regrets about what I coulda, shoulda, woulda. Each moment that I’m wasting, please touch me and lovingly remind me that the moment is about to slip away, and soon another day will be beyond my grasp. I humbly pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 


Let me start off by thanking my mother for sharing today and yesterday’s scriptures. She had no clue I would share them here, but she’ll see and know that her obedience in sharing has helped others. I pray that my mother ingests the Word in a way that allows her to seize each moment so that she can have full, robust, and rewarding days and memories. I pray for this same blessing for each of you. 

My aunt Debborah taught me (a few months ago) to focus on the moments in each day. She said that when people focus on the day itself, too much time is wasted because it can be overwhelming. However, when we grasp ahold of each moment while we’re in it, and we navigate through that moment, to the next moment, then we eventually find ourselves having richer and fuller days, and lives. 

It’s no different than our too-big-to-accomplish daily task list. Why do we torture ourselves with a 10-plus item task list? Even when we turn to the good Book, it shows that God did one to three things each day to provide what we call creation. Now we don’t know if it’s true or not. He could’ve done 100 things on one given day. But the reality is, we’re not God, we keep dropping the ball with our manic obsession of 10-plus tasks, when less than 5 major tasks per day is considerably more reasonable. 

We get consumed and lost in our days and we don’t get the chance to seize each moment because we’re too busy zooming on to something else. So we miss moments within our days, like the flirting glance or shared compliment, or the answer to the problem we’ve been trying to solve, or an opportunity that may not present itself again. We miss the “I Love You” or the shy mask of “I Miss You“. We miss the candidly vulnerable “I’m So Sorry“. 

The point is, we miss out on so much, on too much, because we don’t embrace each moment, and taking those collective moments to seize each day—knowing that we will never get those moments and days back. Why look back on years with regret? Make a point, starting today, this very moment, to stop wasting away life. As each moment arises, meet it and take it all in!

Questions of the Day

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2. What are your thoughts about today’s message?

3. What issues are you fighting to protect from the enemy’s attack?

4. What cares, worries, and fears are you ready to turn over to God?

5. Who would you like to pray for today?

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