Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2.20.19


First pride, then the crash— the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.
Proverbs 16:18 MSG


Pride driven by ego is a dangerous weapon that always leads to self-inflicted torture. This form of pride should not be confused with being “proud of” overcoming obstacles or being proud of your children. That’s not the pride that causes crashes.

Pride, as referenced in the scripture above, is the manifestation of being so self-absorbed that you refuse to ask for help, admit that you’re wrong, admit that you can’t do something, etc. You could be struggling financially, spiritually, mentally, or physically yet you refuse to reach out for assistance so that you can struggle less or not at all.

This level of pride would allow you to leave a job or a relationship simply because you couldn’t see yourself letting go of the little control that you thought you had because you refused to be vulnerable, open and exposed with someone else. Not wanting it to appear that someone outdid or outsmarted you, you would rather uproot, disrupt, destroy, and walk away than to give in to the process that could bring peace, harmony, and restoration.

Ego says that you don’t need to pray to God before speaking, because “you’ve got this“. Ego convinces you to never surrender in an argument, to fight relentlessly to the end regardless of the collateral damage, and regardless of the fact that you could be and probably are 100 percent wrong. Pride says, “oh well if I am, you won’t get me to admit it”.

Strong people have a difficult time letting go and asking for help, and admitting that they simply don’t know or that they are weak in certain areas. Highly intelligent people oftentimes can’t fathom not knowing the answer to a question, having a solution to a problem—so pride will step up and declare all sorts of misinformation, distortions, and even blatant lies to mask the truth. Pride will sacrifice everything for self-image.

The ego doesn’t want to lose so pride steps in and cheats to win. To the ego the consequences of actions are meaningless or can easily be counteracted. The reality is there are always equal or greater consequences to the actions that we take, even if not immediate, they still come with a heavy penalty.

My Admission of Guilt

I’m guilty of letting my pride get the best of me. My ego can be whopper size and my stubborness to defend my position at all costs can and has left me severely injured and a lot of collateral damage along the wayside.

My pride has caused me spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial harm. My pride has caused damage to personal and professional relationships. Things said and done oftentimes can’t be reworded or undone. It’s usually set in and embedded so deep that your only options are to flee (pride) or work to make things right (humility). You have to be willing to surrender, admit that you’re wrong, and pursue the steps required to make right your wrong. The ego hates that. It digs deep into your gut causing you a pain that makes you feel like dry heaving (also known as “retching”).

In the late 1990s to early 2000s, my pride cost me my career, car, home, furnishings, and lifestyle. I hit rock bottom and had to humble myself to slowly get my face up off of the ground. It was a devastating blow. I was reminded that my priorities were off and that I was listening to ego when I was supposed to be listening to God. My pride was quick to blame others, but God quickly silenced me with the bold reminder that the decisions I made were done so consciously, so credit and fault rested with me. You can argue with God but He has time on His side, so choose wisely.

Pride stepped in and caused me much grief after my March 2017 divorce. Ego told me that I could deal with the trauma on my own, alone, and isolated. Ego told me that I could heal, recover, and rebound faster and better if I did it by myself, without help from anyone. The problem with that scenario is that you tend to also block out God’s voice and avoid seeing the blessings in the form of opportunities and redirection.

God speaks through people, but if you’re isolated how can you interact with them to hear His message? And sadly, because I’ve always projected myself to be “strong” and a “super woman”, others see me this way, so when I did reach out for help, friends and associates dismissed the level and severity of my pain and circumstances because in their mind, “Natasha’s strong, she’s got this,” but what in my past has ever truly prepared me for divorce?

In my past I’ve experienced gut-wrenching heart break, I’ve experienced extreme loss and numerous human deaths (all of which were untimely). But nothing has ever prepared me for the devastating blow that comes from divorcing the person that you planned to spend the rest of your life with. You’re not given a handbook or put through a training program before or during marriage that prepares you for divorce.

Church, family and society preaches “for better or for worse, til death do you part…” and with that your mind isn’t focused on the death of your marriage, your union, your relationship—but that’s what divorce looks and feels like for so many of us—death—and you have to go through ALL of the stages of grief to fully heal. My ego was even fighting that process. My ego had me to wear the mask of “I’m perfectly fine with this situation, it is what it is…” knowing that it was a bold and blatant lie. I wasn’t even an inkling of “fine” or a shade of “okay”.

I was in denial and the pain and frustration reared up and clobbered me in November 2017 and dragged me like a ragdoll through January and February 2018, and plopped me on a stump in March 2018 with my truths staring me squarely in my face. I finally got my head turned around and senses together so that I could sit up and assess my situation. That happened in April 2018. I had a tumultous 2017 and 2018 had some very painful stumbles, but it didn’t have to be so extreme, had I listened to and obeyed God instead of my ego.

For two years my company, Foreman & Associates, LLC suffered because I wouldn’t get the help that I needed personally so that I could focus on the work that needed to be done professionally. Because I didn’t protect and take care of myself, my business was punished. That collateral damage is real!

I’ve come to realize that it’s not one single thing or even a handful of things or circumstances that prepare you for life’s clobbering sessions. It’s the culmination of all of the times that you were beat down in the “boxing ring” of life, and you got back up. It’s all of the times that life beat you and you found yourself pinned against the “ropes”, trying desperately to fend off the hits and not get knocked out—yet you never looked to your corner begging with your eyes for your trainer to throw in the towel of defeat.

When I look at all of my failings, disappointments, heartbreaks, losses, and blowups, I can see how I would pick myself up and go through the necessary steps to rebuild. I can also see the times when I thought that a shortcut to healing and recovery would work better, and jeesh was I painfully wrong. I can reflect on the pain that I felt and still feel from loved ones passing away and knowing that I won’t see and hear them here and now as I did before. Selfishly I want them here.

All of those experiences have tested, strengthened, challenged, and refined me. All of those experiences made me wiser and more humble. And yes, all of those experiences combined have prepared me for the death called divorce and the rebirth that I’m experiencing post-divorce.

It’s the shedding of one layer for the growth of a newer and better layer. It’s going from the caterpillar stage to emerge as the amazing and graceful butterfly. It’s being less of who you were to be more of who you’re supposed to be. It’s opening yourself up to the possibility of loving and being loved by someone new and unfamiliar in a way that is pleasantly new and unfamiliar.

Divorce is not the end. Losing your job, car, and house is not the end. Those things and experiences are only pages or chapters in your life. They are not your everything. What will you do, see, and experience on the next page or in the next chapter?

Through God I am confident. Through God I love and am loved. Through God I forgive myself and forgive others. Through God I can let go and gain more than I ever imagined. Through God I have peace, joy, happiness, and comfort.

The opposite of all of that comes from choosing ego instead.

This Week…

I’ve been under a lot of stress over the past two months—tied to work and house-hunting. This week my anxiety flared up and reached a level that scared me. I had to meditate on being present and not focusing on the what-ifs of the future or the past. The unknowns of the future are irrelevant when you’re focused on the present, and you can’t change the past so obsessing over it is deflating and counterproductive.

That’s ego getting in the way. I have to learn to stiff-arm ego like a football or rugby player and slam it to the ground.

Today I’ve been presented with a test, an opportunity, to do exactly that—put my ego and pride to the side and instead focus on God’s plan for my success. Will it be uncomfortable at times? Yes, that’s why it’s called “growing pains”. Would I prefer the temporary discomfort over the long-term agony that comes from being ego-driven instead of God-led? I will take those growing pains so that I can be, see, and do what God has called me to be, see, and do.

Will I slip up and let pride step in from time to time? Yep, I’m sure that I will. It’s my go-to default switch when I’m being stupid.

What I pray for is God’s love to see me through, the discernment to know His voice above all others, and the courage to stand and quickly realign on His path.

Change Starts With You

We can counter our pride with humility. We can start by saying:

…I don’t know”

“...I have no clue what the answer is”

“I don’t know but I can try to search online for the answer or ask someone who may know…

“…I need help with _____”

“…That’s not my strength. I’m better at doing ____ but maybe I/we can find help through ____”

“…I’m sorry. I was wrong. I won’t do it again. How can I make things right?” (And then you work to make things right)

“…I’m sorry I was being selfish/childish/stupid…

“…You’re correct, I’m wrong…”

“…I can see your perspective and that it differs from mine, so how can we compromise?”

Do you see how making it less about you (ego) allows you to be whole, healthy, and complete with and through God?

Being flexible and fluid, like water, allows you to bend and consider more than your perspective—it allows you to discover that it’s not all about you, you don’t know as much as you think you do, you can’t do everything you set your mind to, and the world doesn’t revolve around you. And it’s perfectly fine that way. It should actually be liberating to no longer carry that baggage that you have been lugging like deadweight for decades. Let it go!

We have to decide if we want growth or stagnation. Do we want pleasure or pain? Do we want health or sickness? Do we want prosperity or suffering?

We are given the freedom of choice. Our decisions have lasting consequences. What will you choose to do today? Don’t concern yourself with tomorrow. What choice will you make today about how you will think, speak, live, treat yourself and others?


Father I’m so grateful for the gift of today, for the blessing to experience this moment as it is. Thank You Father. It doesn’t matter if this is an ideal situation or not, I’m grateful to be here and be present. I won’t dwell on the past or obsess about what could possibly happen in the future. I will live for today and do my best to glorify You in my walk and talk.

Father I pray for peace of mind. May my thoughts be disrupted if they don’t align with You. Help me to pause and declare those lies and to speak Your truth. I want my speech to be in alignment with You and I know that my thoughts guide what I say.

Help me Father to purge the pride that would derail me. Help me to wrangle my ego so that it knows its rightful place. Help me to be less me and more You, living as You desire and not as my flesh yearns. Help me to see, understand, and embrace Your reality for me and the truth that what You desire to give me far outweighs anything that I could ever imagine.

Help me through my walk towards complete healing, with the acceptance that there’s hurt but the declaration that the wounds are superficial and can only be healed through my release to You. Bring over me the feeling and recognition of peace in my decisions so that I know that You and I are aligned.

I know that You don’t operate in the grey, in conflict—so where there is no peace I know that it is not of You. Father help me to steer away from the conflict and chaos, but if I somehow end up there, help me to leave my ego and pride on the other side of the door. Don’t let me feed and fuel it with my stupidity.

Walk before me Father. Speak through me. Hold my tongue if my words are not Yours. Settle me out of my anxiousness. Wrap me in Your arms so that Your presence calms my internal storms. I humbly pray to You in Jesus’ name. Amen.



Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Natasha L. Foreman.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from THE MESSAGE, copyright © 1993, 2002, 2018 by Eugene H. Peterson. Used by permission of NavPress. All rights reserved. Represented by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc

THE MESSAGE, copyright © 1993, 2002, 2018 by Eugene H. Peterson. Used by permission of NavPress. All rights reserved. Represented by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc

Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2.18.19

Happy Monday Breaking Bread Family!

This morning I sat in prayer and I heard the words, “it’s time to share“, and I pondered what to share, and which scriptures resonated most with me and could possibly do the same for many of you. I was led to the Old Testament and the book of 2 Kings. As I began to read this text that I’ve read countless times in the past, I was moved by the words, actions, sentiment, and the realization of what the relationship was like at that time between the Israelites and God. I felt the frustration of God’s desire to bless a people in a way that they had never imagined, yet they couldn’t bring themselves to do what He asked and commanded. I thought about our modern times. I thought about myself. Then I began to type the words that you will read below. I hope that it touches at least one person and that maybe that person will share this message with at least one other person. Maybe we can look within ourselves and take the answers that we find, and actually apply them to solutions that heal and align us in perfect harmony with God.

I look forward to opening myself up more and more so that God can use me more each day. If I truly believe that He is my supplier then I should never fear my cup running empty. Which means that I should never fear pouring into others what He has poured into me. Healthy cycles and patterns brings balance and harmony. We already know what the opposite brings, because we’re wading around in that mess this very day. So without further delay, here’s today’s message from Breaking Bread With Natasha:


All this took place because the Israelites had sinned against the Lord their God, who had brought them up out of Egypt from under the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. They worshiped other gods and followed the practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before them, as well as the practices that the kings of Israel had introduced. The Israelites secretly did things against the Lord their God that were not right. From watchtower to fortified city they built themselves high places in all their towns….

They worshiped idols, though the Lord had said, “You shall not do this.” But they would not listen and were as stiff-necked as their ancestors, who did not trust in the Lord their God. They rejected his decrees and the covenant he had made with their ancestors and the statutes he had warned them to keep. They followed worthless idols and themselves became worthless. They imitated the nations around them although the Lord had ordered them, “Do not do as they do.”

They would not listen, however, but persisted in their former practices. Even while these people were worshiping the Lord , they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their ancestors did.

2 Kings 17:7‭-‬9‭, ‬12‭, ‬14‭-‬15, 40-41 NIV


What is different today than the thousands of years past described above in 2 Kings? Not just a reflection of the Israelites, but of all people of all faiths that worship to God and are called to live and be a certain way—what is truly different?

Do we not all, for the most part, as a broad generalization, find ourselves struggling with being obedient to God and breaking habits of past generations? Do we not find ourselves repeating patterns of behavior, even when we proclaim that we’re going to do and be better? When God tells us “do not do as they do” why do we still make the same idiotic decisions to do exactly as they do, as though God’s words were mere suggestions and not commands? The example in 2 Kings was of the Israelites foolish disobedience. We can also read of declarations and admonishments in other religious texts, which clearly show that God tells all of His children, not just one group, what He expects of them—-and yet we see the disobedience then and now in each and every single group.

Why do we do it?

The answer is simple. We are self-serving.

We do for self first and everyone else, including God, after. Then we turn to God to fix and make right the things that we tarnish, tear, break, upend, lose, and destroy. We beg for freedom and then find ourselves enslaved in the same or different way. We place conditions upon God just as we put conditions upon His creations. Sadly though, many of us demonstrate through our daily walk and talk that we think that the creations have more value, influence, power, and presence than the Creator. Don’t think this to be true? Then explain why we idolize people and things. Explain why we take the advice and follow the lead of a person over the directive of the One who created us. Explain why we try first and pray later or pray, and then out of impatience, we jump to make happen what we clearly think that God is too slow, too busy, or not capable of handling as we need it handled. Just as the Israelites complained about their circumstances and even contemplated returning to Egypt, because being under Pharaoh’s rule was at least predictable and familiar, as there were just too many unknowns and uncertainties following God.

It’s truly “all about us” in our minds. It’s the “me…me…me” mindset that drives us. That is why we say “I”, “me”, “mine” and “my” more frequently in conversation than we do “we”, “us”, and “our”. We’re quick to take credit for good things and place blame for the not-so-good. We want things to happen on our time and in the way that we envision, and we will fight tooth-and-nail to have things our way, because our way is right. We ignorantly took the reasoning of “it starts with you” to mean something totally different than “action is required for results to be achieved“—that is the defining statement, not the distorted blob that we have created in its place.

Sadly, our self-centeredness, our obsession for self-preservation, and our so-called self-righteousness are all of the ingredients in the recipe called “disaster”. They come from unhealthy pride, a deep pit of insecurity, and an overinflated ego that is built on a flimsy foundation. We are blinded by self and we align with others who are also blind. With no vision we all perish. We are no different than the Israelites. No matter how much you want to convince yourself that you would have been obedient and not been stuck walking in the wilderness 40 years, subjected to repeat enslavement, and forced to accept the consequences of stupidity—the truth is that most of us are already enslaved by the grip of the world, and many of us have been walking in a type of wilderness for years (some of you for 40 or more years). We even imitate the styles, phrases, and practices of other people with total disregard as to the acceptability of this imitation by God. Some of us praise and worship for a certain number of hours one or more days per week, yet we act a complete fool before or after those hours each day (and the days after). Pay attention to what you do and say going to and leaving church. Go ahead and laugh, recognize and acknowledge the fool that pops out of you more times than you really want to admit. Go ahead and laugh at the fool inside of you that acts and speaks in ways that clearly aren’t of God.

If God is to come first then why does He not come first?

Our thoughts, speech, and daily walk are to be demonstrated in a way that glorifies God, magnifies His works, and declares our convictions and where we stand. With our obedience there is no question. Our disobedience leaves us with one glaring question. Why are you disobedient? Will you be honest with yourself?


Thank You Father for this opportunity, not earned, just a loving and precious gift from You. I hurt in and through my disobedience to You. I’m sorry that I haven’t reached a point where the pain that I cause myself is not great enough to stop my disobedience. My blaming of others is counter-productive and I know that my healing is delayed because I choose to hold on to my dis-ease. My self-blame and degradation is far more harmful because it adds to the piles of toxins that have been growing for years through my self-infliction and through my acceptance of things said about me by others. I don’t want to be in pain Father. You know this. Sadly, my pain has become my familiarity net, just like the Israelites saw Pharaoh as a more suitable alternative to life in the wilderness and beyond. I fear the unknowns of living life differently, yet I haven’t quite grasped the reality that there are more unknowns in walking on my current path. The Israelites feared the unknown of walking with and obeying You, as though existing under Pharaoh’s rule was predictable and clearly defined. In both instances it is sheer stupidity fueled by fear and ego. 

Father I don’t want to be afraid to the point of spiritual, mental, and physical paralysis. I know that Moses was afraid but he kept walking. I know that Jesus was afraid, but he kept walking. I know that Mary was afraid, but through her obedience a savior was born and nurtured to be a beacon for others. I know that Noah was afraid, but he built the ark and prepared things as instructed. I know that Daniel, David, and Deborah were afraid but they walked anyway. Father even in my fear, help me to walk anyway. As long as I walk I will see and through my sight I will know, trust, and believe. Through my knowing, trust, and belief I will build the confidence to do more, see more, and be more in Your honor. By walking it can start being less all-about-me and begin being as it always should be, all about You! I know that this process starts with me being in agreement with You. Father I’m not saying that I’m confident or courageous enough to run but I am saying that I’m ready to take those first steps. I’m ready to get back up. I want peace. I know that it can only come from You. Help me to focus on You. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray. Amen.



Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Natasha L. Foreman.

Scripture quotations marked (NIV) are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved worldwide. The “NIV” and “New International Version” are trademarks registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica, Inc.™

Breaking Bread With Natasha: Joel Osteen on “Your Unique Gifts”

Hello Breaking Bread family!

It’s been a moment since I’ve shared a scripture to reflect and pray upon. I look forward to reengaging with you.

I’m sitting here reading my daily devotionals (a few books that help jumpstart my day) and I noticed a text from my friend Juanita Bryan. She forwarded a message shared by Joel Osteen as part of his daily devotional series.

It’s been several months, I believe, since the last time that I shared a message from Joel (or anyone else that I can recall). I’m inspired to share today’s message (see below) from Joel. It moves me and I hope it will move one or more of you. If it does, please pay it forward by sharing it with others. Share it today. Time is of the essence!

Love always,


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What I’m Praying For…

Happy Wednesday, Breaking Bread Family!

I know you’re wondering where those Monday through Friday Breaking Bread With Natasha (BBWN) messages are, and why they aren’t in your inbox. Well, God and I have been working on some big, bold, and bodacious things—starting first, within me!

See, when we want things to change for the better, change must first begin within us. Before we can see the external change we must uproot and overhaul the systems and processes taking place internally. We also have to take ownership of the truth and reality that most of our internal shut-down and malfunctioning was due to the fact that we simply couldn’t embrace and deal with external changes. Our unwillingness to adapt and overcome, turns into the excuse of “I can’t”, and that it is something or someone’s fault why we “can’t”.

Look folks, we can fool ourselves but we can’t fool the One who made and molded us. We can’t fool the One who consistently shows up on time and bails us out of our stupidity. We love to say the catchphrases, “keep it real” and “keep it 100”, yet we’re walking around here phony as ever.

Last year, God brought several people to speak to me, to rattle me up and out of my spiritual and emotional “funk”. He brought one person in particular who has helped me tremendously in showing me how to go deeper into prayer, how to ask God clarifying questions, and how to embrace those moments when I hear God’s voice over all noise and other voices. The last two months have really be soul-stirring as I’ve reached a point, spiritually, that I can only recall feeling this familiar when I was a very small child (younger than age 9).

Can you believe it?

Well you better because God’s no joke and His works are no lie.

Thank you KLB for allowing God to use you in this and so many other ways. Your obedience has allowed me to open and explore portals that have desperately seeked attention and use.

So family, I will resume the BBWN posts soon. I will also include other content. I will pick up the baton I sat down, in the form of the audio messages. I think there’s another platform that will work better for recording and storage, that I then can share an access link for those of you who are interested in connecting with me in audio. As God points me in the right direction I will follow, and then follow up with you.

My Book

Some of you have inquired about my book that I first started tap tapping on my keyboard to create back in August of 2016. I made an announcement at the end of 2017 that I was jumping back in so I could finish it. There were some moments of vision blocks and then a sea of pure release, as I’ve typed and edited along the way. I know from my years as a journalism student that you’re not supposed to edit while writing. You’re supposed to write, edit, and re-write what needs fixing, and then repeat the process until you reach the states of “good enough” or “oh God this is amazing”.

I’m roughly 90% done. I’m slated to complete this body of work by March to send to an editor. The goal is to have edits and the “shabang” done by June, for promotion to begin in August for a November/December sale date. That then sets everyone in motion to begin reading Day 1 of the book on January 1, 2020!!!!

Yeah yeah yeah…I know. I know. Some of you want the book now. I get it. You’ve been waiting more than one year. But guess what? God’s been waiting decades for me to write, finish, and publish a book. So I think you can wait 10-11 more months to get the book in your hand, and then one more month to begin the daily journey. I will need your help as I stride to these deadlines. I pray that you will be receptive and forthcoming with your assistance and feedback when I reach my arms out to you. This book is for you and people like you who want to embrace the unique and special relationship that we each have with God. That is why I am including you on this writing journey. Stay tuned for details.

Now…to what I’m praying for…are you ready to see what I typed last night for myself to read, recite, and stand true in today and each day? See below and then, if you have a sense of humor, go ahead and chuckle if you can relate:

Do you see it? Can you feel it? Can you relate? God has humongous things planned and in store for me, and He’s been waiting decades for me to stay on my path, get the work done, magnify Him, and testify through my walk (not just my talk) all that He has and is doing for me. I’m frequently disobedient, but He’s the grandest of teachers with the most patience and skills. Soooo…as He realigns me I will release my grip on my false sense of control, and let Him do what only He can do. I’m gonna listen to Him and not seek approval or permission from those He created. I’ve squandered almost 30 years on that foolish merry-go-round. I’m dizzy and nauseous. That ride is stopping. Now. Right now.

With that, I conclude today’s message. I hope that you’re excited for me. If not, shake off your “funk” and get with the program. We need your light to shine, we have enough shade to go around!

Love always,


Copyright 2019. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

Happy New Year! I’m Not Focused on Resolutions, I’m Focused on my Daily Walk

I shared this on my Natasha Foreman site earlier today, and I decided that it was more than appropriate to share it here on BBWN. I’ve added to the message so that it can lovingly poke some of you who are struggling with the storms of life’s past and present.

I hope that something that I share in this message helps….

I’m going to focus on today, today. What can I do, see, and be today? That is my focus.

If I have one foot in the past and one in the future, that means I’m straddling the present. If I’m straddling the present then all I can possibly do is take a dump on today or choose to move both of my feet into today’s space. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of dumping on my present. I want to thrive each day. I want to wake excited about what the day will bring, and I want to fall asleep at night pleased with all that I experienced, learned, and shared that day.

I want my life to be about healing reflection not regret. I want to make the most out of my days so that I’m excitedly sharing the greatness of now, and not dwelling on my hay day of the past successes. I want my setback to be a learning setup for bigger and better success, not a cesspool blame game of what-went-wrong.

Yesterday is behind us. Last year is behind us. So are all of the years past that you can’t return to and fix. What happened has happened. You don’t have a time machine to change things; and if you did, would you truly change every thing that happened in your past? Because you would have to in order to get your desired outcome, which means there’s a lot of great people and experiences you would miss out on all because you wanted to change one or more series in your life’s story.

Think of how much precious time you would then lose in the present and how that would then affect your future. There’s a better way to deal with our past….Learn from it and move forward. Stop dumping on your present, or that gift will no longer be your reality.

This isn’t a new year’s resolution, this is my daily affirmation. Focus on being, doing, and seeing all that God has called on me to be, do, and see today. What you plant and nurture today what will be reaped tomorrow.

My self-talk for today….

Maybe it will help someone else who needs a loving push. Yes, I can reflect God’s love in more ways than the traditional space that I’ve used for BBWN over the past 10 years. I can also share boldly with affirmations such as this. Maybe it will resonate with you and allow God’s words, meant for you, to pierce the bubble that you have placed yourself within.

I love you all!


Copyright 2019. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

Spiritual Thought of the Day

Wow those are words to live by….

As I see it, you can attend religious services 24/7 but if you aren’t living by the positive words (that you clearly understand) in that religious text, then you are merely playing pretend. You’re dressing up and playing a role.

Whether it’s the Bible, Torah, Quran, Sutras, Vedith, or any other religious text—live to the fullest all of the positive commands that it calls on you to do. Demonstrate the positive examples shared in the text. Steer clear of the trappings the text warns of, and don’t do what you know will cause harm.

What you don’t know or understand from the text you can learn to grasp later. For now, do and be all that you know. Live right now as the positive role model that you want others to aspire to become. Stop playing pretend during religious ceremonies and services, and/or on social media.

It’s hypocritical, and eventually you will be revealed as a fraud.

There’s no reason not to do right, only excuses to remain in the dark— mediocre and in pain.


Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 12.12.18


At this, the administrators and the satraps tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel in his conduct of government affairs, but they were unable to do so. They could find no corruption in him, because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent. Finally these men said, “We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God.”

Daniel 6:4-5


Do you know how difficult it is to not find fault in someone else? Those men looked high and low, and in between to find some ‘dirt’ on Daniel. They tried to find one shred of evidence to prove that he was corrupt, untrustworthy, and negligent—but found NOTHING! That is beyond deep. What man or woman can stand here today and claim to never have been negligent, untrustworthy or corrupt on any level?

We turn and tell someone’s personal business soon after they tell us, we take longer breaks at work—knowing it’s against the rules; lie about why we’re late to work or couldn’t come in; we don’t complete tasks at home and at work because our minds were on doing something we wanted to do (something more enjoyable).

How many of you have taken office supplies from work? How many of you don’t spend enough time with your husband, wife, significant other, kids—when you know you can make time? Who’s raising your children—you or their grandmother or nanny/babysitter? How many of you have been unfaithful in a relationship?

No judgment from me, I’m just asking, and making a point.

Daniel didn’t do any of these things. Daniel’s trust and faith was in God, so he walked the path God placed before him; he entered situations that most of us would flee from—but he did so with confidence, with a belief that if it was meant for him to be there then that is where he would remain. Fear makes us do stupid things. Fear makes us react instead of reflect. Fear makes us turn inward instead of turn to God. Daniel did not walk in fear— he walked in the strength of God.

Today let us take the first step towards walking as Daniel did. Let us strive to be the type of people where no matter what someone tries to dig up in the future, they simply can’t find it.


Father I want to be and live more like Daniel. I want my focus so keenly set on You and Your commands that no fault of wrongdoing can be found and made as a claim against me. I want to be whole and complete in You and in Your Word Father, that I seek comfort only with and in You; that I desire only the things I need and know that in time— when You say it’s time— You will see fit that I have those necessities. In Your laws and in man’s laws I want to walk uprightly so that in neither case will I ever be a disappointment to You. Thanking You now for the things that are still to come. Amen.

Love always,


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