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Thank you for stopping by today. If you’re new to this blog and podcast, I hope you will spend time browsing and learning more about the experiences shared here, the mission, and my “Why.”

If you’re not a newbie and you’ve been breaking bread with me for some time, thank you for your continued love and support.

This is the space where I share inspirational messages with the world. I’m not here to convict, pass judgment, convert, recruit, or highlight a church or religious leader. I’m simply sharing words of love and peace inspired by the word of the Bible and other texts.

Negativity, hate speech, and intolerance will not be accepted on this site by ANYONE!

Image of the site logo which is a purple colored tree filled with leaves and the roots are visible. Below the tree says Breaking Bread With Natasha.

I launched this site as a blog in 2010, and it has grown over the years to include a podcast by the same name to allow you to listen and read along to my daily messages.

I’m also a published author, and I regularly share excerpts from my spiritual books on this site, tying in the messages to further enhance our learning and time together.

Feel free to explore, learn more about me about my books, and of course —break bread with me!

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I pray that you’re blessed, that you see and embrace your blessings, and that you’re a blessing to others!

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