Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 11.5.13

I lift my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip; your Protector will not slumber. Indeed, the Protector of Israel does not slumber or sleep. The Lord protects you; the Lord is a shelter right by your side.
 Psalms 121:1-5 HCSB
 Thank You Lord for guiding, protecting, nurturing, and molding me. Thank You for never putting too much on me, but also making sure that I understand that my journey isn’t supposed to be cakewalk—that change, pressure and friction is necessary for growth and development. I pray that I never lose the benefit of Your foothold, but also never take it for granted. Thank You for what You have done in the past, what You are doing for me now, and what You have already done for my future. Amen.
 God being here for us in our time of need does not give us a pass to live carelessly and recklessly—with a sense of entitlement and an expectation that you will (automatically by default) receive forgiveness, grace, mercy, and clearance of obstacles.
 As our creator He watches over His handiwork and helps steer us when we get lost and confused. He isn’t a puppet master steering and moving us around preventing life from unfolding, and He also isn’t just sitting back allowing anything and everything to happen to us. He has made the most beautiful things and ideas come to life, while also preventing some of the most cruel things from taking place.
 But our arrogance (thinking that we “can do this” on our own or do whatever we want) is the decision that God allows us to make, just as our choice to be indecisive and inactive. The negative consequences ultimately will come—so we must accept them just as we accept our gifts. I’m grateful for the balance God provides. I’m grateful for the times He saved my life, as well as the hard lessons that I had to learn because I was being hard-headed. He has made me a better, braver, stronger, wiser, and more humble person.
 What are you grateful for?
 Your sister in Christ,
 Copyright 2013. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha Foreman Bryant, unless otherwise noted.
 Scripture quotations marked HCSB are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible®, Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 by Holman Bible Publishers. Used by permission. Holman Christian Standard Bible®, Holman CSB®, and HCSB® are federally registered trademarks of Holman Bible Publishers.

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