Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 6.18.14

if my people who belong to me will humbly pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 CEB

Father You know my heart. I pray to You today seeking better for myself and for others. I seek to better myself so that I can be a better servant to You and for You. I seek a genuine relationship with You, a pure one, not one-sided, and not conditional. I pray for an obedient heart that acts immediately without hesitation or question. I pray for discernment to always know Your voice and the courage to always answer when You call.

Mold me Father.

As I forgive I pray for forgiveness. I pray that wrongs are made right, and that any uneasiness felt is calmed and replaced with internal peace. I pray for Your Shield to blot out the enemy and tune out its voice that attempts to manipulate me. I pray these things in Jesus’ name, as a believer in Your Son, the way shower and truth revealer. Amen.

God explained how to gain His forgiveness: pray to Him and confess your sins, humbly seek to know Him and have a relationship with Him, and then stop your wrongdoing.

Isn’t that what we also want, in a sense, from other humans?

We want the wrongdoer to come to us with humility and admit their wrong. We then want them to apologize for their wrong, genuinely seeking renewal or restoration, or just a clean slate, and then we want them to not repeat their wrongs again. When we believe in our hearts that their repentance is genuine and that they will atone and sin no more against us or others, we forgive them and let go of the offense.

But here’s the thing, failure to forgive others leaves us in a voided state with God, our sin being the inability to forgive others. How can He and why would He forgive us when we can’t bring ourselves to forgive others?

We want Him to forgive our countless big and “little” sins but we can’t bring ourselves to forgive a few sins committed by someone else, even if they weren’t committed against us. We judge harshly and even condemn those who have harmed us (or loved ones) to the wrath of God, but we forget that God still has to decide whether or not to forgive us for our sins. The true Judge is looking at us playing Him.

We have to forgive to be forgiven. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you cannot buy your way into God’s grace. You can feed and clothe all of the homeless around the world, but if you have not made right by God in repentance of your sins, then your good deeds count for nothing. You have helped others but not fully honored Him.

Pray and ask for forgiveness, repent fully, seek Him, seek a genuine relationship with Him, and then do not repeat the sin.

Translation for forgiving others: seek out the transgressor, allow them to come to you, or simply pray through conversation to them (if you no longer have access to them).

If you have access to them and they want to apologize, let them, and then forgive them and cancel out their “debt” to you. If you have access to them and they want to deny their transgression against you, state your claim of harm, and forgive them anyway. Then cancel their “debt” to you. If you don’t have access to them then pray and speak as though speaking directly to them, and after stating your claim of harm, express your desire to release them from their “debt” to you and that you forgive them for their sin. Once you do this you then must cancel their “debt” to you.

The “debt” is the obligation to repay you somehow. It’s the weight that hangs over both of your heads. It’s the bond that keeps the two of you connected and limits your ability to spiritually and emotionally grow and mature. You must release this “debt” in order to be free. This is about your freedom, your relationship with God, your desire to be forgiven by Him, and your desire to live the life He desires for you.

This is not about the person who harmed you. Their sin must be dealt with by God, and if their repentance was not sincere, then that is for God to deal with, not you. God said, “Vengeance is Mine.” Don’t argue and try to compete with God. Comply and leave Him to do His job. You do yours!

Questions of the Day
1. What is your takeaway from today’s message?

2. After reading today’s message how do you feel about those individuals who have harmed you in some way?

3. How do you feel about your relationship with God after reading today’s message?

4. How do you feel about yourself now that you have read today’s message?

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Love always,

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