Sunday Sermon Share Day: Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2/23/14

Welcome to Sunday Sermon Share Day for 2/23/14

Today’s sermon comes from Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in Marietta, Georgia. Taught by Elder Ron Sumpter, Courtney Harkness, and Marlon Montgomery

Today’s Subject is: Love…It’s The Law!

Today’s Scripture selections from are:

2 Corinthians 8:7-8 [Scripture selected during the offering time]

1 Corinthians 16:14 (NET)

Romans 13:8-10 (NIV)

Luke 10: 25-29 (NIRV)

Matthew 5:43-48 (NLT)

Luke 10:30-37 (CEB)

James 2:12-13 (TLB)

Highlights from Today’s  Sermon:

Everything CAN be done in love. If so, then why aren’t we doing EVERYTHING in love? Love is the law.

Are you a law breaker? Have you fallen short of loving someone else?

Love is God’s only requirement  of me concerning everyone else .

No debt should be outstanding, only love for others should be your debt. But your credit card, mortgage, and other bills should have a zero balance.

God’s love doesn’t hurt anyone. God wants us free. He wants your only debt to others to be is to love them.

God’s Word is simple. Love is simple. It’s supposed to be simple. We have a life responsibility.

I can satisfy the law of love, if I…

1.   Let God decide who deserves my love.

Passages selected: Luke 10: 25-29 (NIRV), Matthew 5:43-48 (NLT)

Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself. Your neighbor is your fellow human being. Look at your neighbor through God’s eyes, not yours. God looks at them with no strings attached. You can’t sit back and say, “I don’t want you to be my neighbor because I don’t like that you keep putting your trash cans in front of my house” First God says you have to love Me. Love me with all of the passion and praise that you give in church when you have high energy, etc.

Once God gets our attention He shows us how to love others, our neighbors. No strings attached.

When God is in our life it’s easier to receive His instruction.

We keep trying to impress others, Jesus, and God, but we’re not doing what we’re supposed to. We’re talking the talk but not walking the walk.

– An example of this is in Luke 10:25-29 when the man whose an expert in the law but then he wants to show off and try to test Jesus (the true expert in all things) and ask Jesus a question of “what must I do to receive eternal life” Jesus switches it up and tells the man to tell him the answer. Once the man answers the question, then Jesus said, “go and do likewise”. Don’t just talk about it, go and do it. You know it to be true, so then go do it.

We should also let God decide who deserves our love.

When you think of the Stand Your Ground Laws in Florida and elsewhere, it is crazy to think that these provisions were actually entered into and supported as laws. It’s easy to say that Michael Dunn (the shooter involved in the “loud music murder trial”) should have allowed God to decide who deserved his love (instead of shooting into the car at those teenagers and killing, Jordan Davis), but we can’t do that ourselves in our lives.

  • Don’t judge the shooter. It is not our place to say, “he deserves what he gets”. It’s not your place. Let God decide.
  • There is justice and then there’s hatred painted the color of justice. We have to make sure that we can see the difference.
  • You may be saying, “I haven’t shot anyone” but that doesn’t make you innocent. The Lord is your judge. Have you pulled a trigger with your mouth? Have you injured some people with your criticisms and then walked away as though nothing happened? Has your eyes and body language shot like bullets at someone that you prejudged or simply disliked?

Everyone deserves our love, especially the ones who you think deserve it the least.

It’s easy to love your friends but you may feel it difficult or impossible to love your enemies.

  • The Bible says that with God all things are possible. God first must start with us and change our attitude. You will think of all the reasons why someone doesn’t like you, why they are discriminating against you, or hate you. You have to get rid of that out of your thinking, your heart—let the offense go. Let it go! It’s not worth holding on to. Get rid of the burden.
  • It starts with us. We have to let go. We expect God to do tremendous things in our life but we keep holding on to our burdens and we’re cluttering up our lives and blocking our blessings

I can satisfy the law of love, if I…

2.   Extend mercy to others as needed.

Passages selected: Luke 10:30-37 (CEB), James 2:12-13 (TLB)

Have you given a few dollars to someone on the streets and then you pat yourself on the back thinking you really did something great?

When we’re watching someone on a descent, downward spiral, are we the thief, priest, Levite, or samaritan?

Being Like the Thief

Do you strip people of their joy? Nasty attitude is what it looks like to be a thief?

Being Like the Priest and Levite

When Jesus mentioned that a person could be a thief even if they are a priest, Levite, or see themselves as a samaritan, do you question what he means by comparing these types of people? How could a priest be in a position not favorable to Jesus? By sitting back and watching, thinking that saying a prayer is good enough, but not jumping into action to help others, by crossing to the other side of the road and continuing on your journey. The Levite did the same thing as the priest did, he simply crossed to the other side of the road knowing that the man was injured and needed help.

  • When you see someone going through some things do you tell them, “I will pray for you” or do you go and help them?
  • When you see a person with their car  broken down on the side of the road, do you say, “I will pray your car get fixed…that you aren’t stranded for long…that you don’t get injured” or do you go over and try to help them?
  • When you see a homeless person are you satisfied with giving them a couple of dollars and a prayer, or do you go a step further and offer them a warm meal and warm place to temporarily stay.

Being Like the Thief

When you see someone who was robbed, beaten, etc. do you rush over and help or do you flee in fear of being robbed, beaten, etc?

Being Like the Samaritan

A samaritan stops and helps, and does the best they can. The samaritan bandaged up the wounds of the injured man. The samaritan offered a ride on his donkey. Then he took him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he paid the innkeeper two full days worth of wages and asked the innkeeper to take care of the injured man, and that when he returned he would pay the innkeeper for any additional costs.

Now think of that. Can you truly say that you are a samaritan? A modern day look at things is that our donkey is our cars. Are you willing to pick up and total stranger, mend their wounds, place them in your car, and take them to shelter where they can rest and heal? Are you willing to pay for the supplies, food, and any other expenses required to help them?

Do you have the type of compassion of the samaritan? Do you fully see the condition that other people are in, or do you see the situation?

  • Have you seen people who come into work each day with an attitude? Do you see the attitude or a heart that is trying to love itself because it doesn’t feel as though no one else does? What do you see? Are you responding to their condition or are you reacting to what you think you see?
  • We cross to the other side of the street with people through our mind, farther from the truth, but comfortable for us. We quickly come up with an explanation as to why they are where they are, and we use this an excuse to not help meet their needs. It’s a conscience, deliberate decision, to not love people. And we think it’s okay because we say we don’t hate them. We think God is grading us by how few people we hate and not how many people that we love.

There will be no mercy to those who show no mercy. If you withhold mercy it will be withheld from you.

  • Watch what you think and do. Our thoughts are oftentimes what condemns us. There are no condemnation to those who belong to Christ Jesus.
  • Think about how many times you were supposed to be dead. How many time your were caught in the wrong place, enjoying the wrong things, with the wrong people, but God’s mercy and grace came through for you.

It’s not love for the sake of love. Mercy is love spread widely across. Mercy is how love covers all grounds. Not just love on top, but rolling down a hill. It has to reach you, you can’t reach it—you cry out, “Lord have mercy on me!” and Jesus responds, “I did.” In Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, mercy was shown to all of us.

There is always someone lower on the mountain than you. You can’t stop mercy from rolling. In our selfishness we try to slow it down and dictate, and control, how fast God’s love gets to others. You have to be careful with that, because if God’s love can’t roll through you it will roll over you, because there are some other people lower down the hill than you that His love is trying to reach—and if you try to slow it down it may just roll over and past you. It may have rolled over others to get to you.

Maybe you feel as though God’s love hasn’t reached you yet, maybe you feel that way because you have been so consumed with what’s not going right that you haven’t even seen his love coming your way. Or maybe you have been so focused on running away, that it just hasn’t caught up. Or maybe you’re so busy trying to dictate who deserves love, that you have positioned yourself to have His love roll right over and past you.

If God’s love is rolling down hill then it’s picking up speed. His speed is going to outrun you the faster it rolls, faster than you can get to it. It’s going to catch up to you.

What are you going to do when God’s love comes to you? Are you going to surrender? Are you going to try to push it away or run away? Or are you going to let God be God?

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Have an amazing week family. Remember that love covers everyone including your family, friends and strangers, and even your enemies. The law is love. It is God’s expectation of and from us. Don’t try to dictate who gets it, when, and how much. Show mercy to others if you expect mercy to be shown to you.

Love always,



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