Breaking Bread For 2.16.21


He also told them this parable: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?” The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.

Luke 6:39-40


We must follow the instructions and the roadmap left by our savior Jesus Christ. It is the only way that we might find our way back to righteousness, as determined by God. It is the only way that we might be saved from the death that sin brings. We can’t keep trying to do it ourselves thinking that God birthed us to figure it out alone. This is not an aimless mission, this is not an empty purpose solely for our vanity, this is our fight but it is not our war. It’s God’s and we are His children, servants, ambassadors, and stewards. We are supposed to be devoted and committed to Him, His plans, and His Kingdom (and His plan that it will reign here on Earth as part of the New Jerusalem). We’re supposed to believe in Him, support Him through our faith, and worship only Him—not the things that He created. We can’t get where we need to go until we have mastered the lessons that He is teaching us on a daily basis. We keep trying to get the Cliff Notes version, fast-track it, search for a hack, in an attempt to be ahead or above the Teacher. Because we don’t study the history, culture, and understanding of the ancient people, we misunderstand their beliefs about body, soul, and what happens to us after we stop breathing in these bodies. We keep misunderstanding God’s plan. We must be fully trained, disciplined enough to withstand the tests and temptations, and strengthened enough to stand with conviction and courage against the enemy within and the enemy around us. We must demonstrate and prove the side that we’re choosing.

Stop filtering and manipulating God’s words, commands, promises, and realities to best suit what you think and desire. You are the student yet you’re acting like you’re the Teacher. You’re the servant acting like you’re the Master. There are always consequences to our actions. Jesus didn’t remove consequences from the table. We don’t have free reign to do whatever and not face consequences. Jesus stood in as a placeholder, to give us reprieve, so that we could experience grace rather than immediate punishment, which so many experienced in ancient times. God and Jesus want us to learn through other people’s experiences, through the historical records, while so many of us seem hellbent on learning the hard way—through testing the fire.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have said and I will continue to say that there are things that I want to learn through experience, not just through other people’s accounts. I want to learn for growth, with a hope that God would bless me with wisdom. I can watch someone swim but I want to swim myself. Thank goodness I got swimming lessons as a child. I still want to learn to be a stronger and more confident swimmer. I can watch someone cook, but I want to learn to prepare the dishes that bring my nourishment and joy. I enjoy cooking and feel joy in the blessing of God’s provisions. To take what He has provided and create something delicious, to hopefully share with others, brings glory to God. You can be chauffeured your entire life or you can feel the jolt of energy that flows through you when you get behind the wheel and learn how to drive, and appreciate even more the machinery and mastery that God made possible. We should have a desire to learn and be taught.

If everything is just dropped in our laps we grow familiar, entitled, and turn into unappreciative spoiled brats. That’s what happened to Satan. Look who he dragged down with him! If Satan had never sinned he would have never tempted Eve and Adam to sin, and none of us would be dealing with this nonsense on Earth. God could easily wipe out sin, remove Satan and his crew from Earth, rebalance the scales making everyone equal, turn famine to abundance, heal those that man has made sick (through our pollutants and inventions), and fix everything that we have damaged and destroyed.

But honestly, what would we do when everything was immediately made perfect?

The centuries that humankind has spent destroying His creations, enslaving and abusing His children and animals, telling lies about Him, distorting His Truth, hijacking His ideas, pimping Him out for our self-gain—what would we truly learn and value if everything was made perfect without our sacrifice? How long would we praise and worship God after all of our heartache and loss was healed and reconciled? How many would yearn for parts of the past? How many wouldn’t know what to do with themselves because they spent so many years thinking and believing that misery would be the only thing they could rely upon? How many people would feel lost because they spent so many years climbing and conquering, that they wouldn’t know what to do in absolute peace, with every provision provided without sacrifice? How could those who have spent every waking moment stepping on the backs of others, deal with those same people being their equals in every sense of the term?

We have to learn why we die from sin. We have to learn why and how the enemy plots against us. We have to learn to take responsibility for our choices, because it doesn’t matter if Satan tempts, it matters if you take the bait. We must learn to discern truth from lies, fact from fiction, God’s voice from all others. From our reactions to social media and the yellow journalism we see from the media, our discernment is muddied. We have to learn why God created us, why He loves us so much, why He wants us to come back to Him and remain in Him. We have to learn to love all of His children. We have to learn that the reason we’re divided here is because Adam and Eve chose to separate from God and choose to listen to Satan, and that every day we choose the flesh over the Spirit, we are no different than them. We have to learn to be awesome stewards of everything He gives us—our bodies, our minds and spirits, our families and homes, the consumer goods we keep splurging on, the planet we live on, and the animals that God told us to care for.

Remember, God’s plan is to blend Heaven and Earth, here on Earth, as a New Jerusalem. Everyone who has passed before us are waiting to return. They aren’t waiting for us to get there. They are waiting to come back here to fulfill God’s original plan in Genesis. We are delaying their return thinking that we have to wait to die to experience Heaven, and only there (elsewhere) can we have what God promised. Re-read your Bible, study it, learn it like a student of excellence. There and then will you will see that God is waiting for us to change our ways, change our heart. That is what repentance is. He wants our support of His vision and plan. Faith in Hebrew means “support in/of”. How are we supporting God’s plan when we’re too busy distorting and disrupting it? We must be in total alignment so He can separate the believers from the disbelievers, His followers from Satan’s followers. He will reclaim this planet, this idea, that He created for his beloved creations. We have to learn our place, our role, how to truly be obedient and faithful, so that we’re never ever ever tempted to disobey Him. We have to be reconciled to and by God. We have to break the curses by living differently so we can enjoy all that God has planned for us, and those who have been waiting to reunite with us.

Through learning comes growth and change. You cannot grow without changing. You won’t change until you learn that there is something different, better, than what and where you are. You can only learn if you’re willing to be taught.


Father, I have grown through my walk to realize that You regularly send people to teach, show, and guide me through life’s lessons. It is when I turn away and choose to instead walk alone or walk with someone else that I think knows more, that I stumble and fall. You sent prophets to redirect us. You sent Jesus to provide us with instruction, the updated plan, and to help us see Your vision and our purpose. You have met us where we are, You have visited us in all the ways we expected to see You. I pray that I might study, learn, and practice the correct steps to take in the correct ways, as You see fit.

I want to walk the walk, not just talk it. I want to learn so that I don’t repeat the mistakes and sins from the past. I want to break the curse. I want to be reconciled and made whole by You. I want to experience heaven here on Earth with all of my loved ones and all of the people I’ve read about but never knew, and all of the people whose life story never made it into a book. I humble myself before You Father. I open my eyes to see who You send my way. I open my ears to hear Your voice directly and through them. I pray for discernment, courage, strength, and the urgency to obey You without delay. I pray this in honor of all of the prophets You sent to steer us right. May we do our part to help fulfill Your plan and promise. Amen.

If you want to learn more about some of the things that I mentioned in this message, feel free to read my SEEK HIM book series, available through D.O.M.E. Life Publishing, and through local bookstores and major retailers.

Enjoy your day and God bless you all!



Copyright 2011-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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